Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Hints + Tips - Cross Training

Wave - Nicole Tattersall

Lately I've taken up swimming again, which has made me think about how hard I use to train. Sure it was about 10 years ago that I was taking my swimming quite seriously, but there are some things that I recall. One of the key things that was drilled into me was the importance of cross training. Whilst I was making my way up and down the pool last week I was thinking how this applies to being creative. With the key to cross training being that you do different things to compliment the key activity your doing. I can't see why not it can't apply to being creative.

A prime examples is that I'm mainly a painter and illustrator, though yet I enjoy working on a little bit of photography every now and then. When I look back at what I gain from photography there are certain things that I mimic in my paintings and illustrations:
• composition
• dark and light
• colour
• how 3D images look in a 2D format

By mixing in a different medium I keep things interesting and get to train skills that I use when painting and illustrating. If your a photographer what not mix it up with some sculpture, should you be a painter why not try some sewing... it can only do you good.

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