Saturday, December 31, 2011

December Round Up

Why is it that the last month of the year has to be the busiest? You've got Christmas, New Years, work functions, holidays and more. All whilst this is going on I've tried to keep up with my blogging. Here are some of my most read posts in December...
  • Introducing 3... - Blogs my some very talented arty folk
  • 2012 Calendar - To help you plan for the new year which is fast approaching my 2012 Calendars have arrived.
  • Please Like - I decided to submit "Passing Orca" into the TONI&GUY Yen Young Australian Artist Award
  • Stoked To Enter - Do You See Turtle
  • Christmas In Our House - a look at what types of Christmas decoration we have up in our house

Friday, December 30, 2011

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Introducing 3...

I realised I haven't for a while shared some blogs which I recommend checking out. Here are three that you may not find on many must read lists, or top 10 lists, but they are blogs by some arty people who I have a great deal of creative respect for.

Friday, December 23, 2011

A Moment To Pause

Photographer: Nicole Tattersall
Description: I love growing things in the garden. Here is some of the garlic I picked a few weeks ago. It is so yummy and wonderful to cook with.

Another Board

My Face and Fringe board design is now uploaded to the competition that Red Bull are running for Sally Fitzgibbons surf boards for the 2012 ASP World Tour. I would be so grateful if you would 'Like' it. You can do so here.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas In Our House

I love Christmas, it's a time to share and be creative in decorating the house.

We've a few things that influence how our house is decorated; two rabbits, keeping things as environmentally friendly as possible and being as creative as possible. Oh and I also like to have a colour theme, this year it was white, black, grey and silver.

Our tree this year is actually part of a rose bush I cut back a few months ago, which the rabbits have quite enjoyed chewing on the lower branches of. I think it's made a wonderful tree none the less.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Stoaked To Enter

I got so excited when I heard that Red Bull were running a design competition for Sally Fitzgibbons surf boards for the 2012 ASP World Tour. For me my love of stencil art came from me wanting to customize my one surfboards. My first ever exhibition was at the Surfing Museum in Torquay. This is a dream come true and I feel I've given it my best shot.

I've submitted two designs, Face and Fringe Pink and Do You See Turtle (above). At the moment only Do You See Turtle is up in the website gallery. I would be so happy if you would 'Like' it. You can do so here.

New Items In My Online Shop

I've added a selection of artworks to my MadeIt Shopfront
I've also included the digital collaboration prints and cushions I did recently with Melbourne artist Facter.

I would love to know what you think of all the newly added stock.

I'm also offering 10% off all stock in the shop until the 26 December.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Please Like

After much ummming and arrring I decided to submit "Passing Orca" into the TONI&GUY Yen Young Australian Artist Award. I would love it so very much if you could please like my submission, as I wouldn't mind winning some of the prizes which are up for grabs.

You can like "Orca Passing" at

Friday, December 16, 2011

A Moment To Pause

Photographer: Shelby Tanner
Title: untitled

A Moment To Pause

Photographer: Nicole Tattersall
Description: This shot was taken down at Phillip Island whilst doing a coastal hike. I really do love coastal plants, especially the flowers.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Hints + Tips - Centsational

Centsational Girl is a DIY blog by Kate who is a self confessed bargain hunter, design lover, and incurable DIYer living in Northern California. She's just out to make her world more wonderful, for less, by one do-it-yourself project at a time. As she does it she shows you just how she is doing it. I'll admit there are a few projects that are a bit too nanna-crafty for me but there are some that do take my fancy, such as how to make your own wood cutting boards.

Monday, December 12, 2011

December E-Newsletter

Yesterday I sent out my latest monthly e-newsletter. There is a recap of the recent exhibitions I've been apart of, a look at my 2012 Calendar and even a bit on my thoughts on 2011

If you wish to receive my monthly e-newsletter in your inbox your can sign up using the form below

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Friday, December 9, 2011

A Moment To Pause

Photographer: Nicole Tattersall
Description: Just want to say this photo is not staged. We had this basket sitting in the lounge room. I turned around to spot Nickel in it and managed to get a photo.

Monday, December 5, 2011

2012 Calendar

I can't believe that it's almost the end of 2011. Where has this year gone?

To help you plan for the new year which is fast approaching my 2012 Calendars have arrived. Within just a few weeks of having them delivered I've had to do a second print run because of how popular they've been.

The 2012 calendar is A5 in size, printed on 250gsm FSC Certified, made with Elemental Chlorine Free pulps (ECF), ISO 14001 Environmental Management System stock and features a selection of my artworks, all bound using a bulldog clip which is re-useable and is packaged in recyclable materials. Making it very environmentally friendly.

So where can you buy my 2012 Calendar you may ask? Well...
Via my MadeIt shopfront
Curious Oyster Shoppee, 776 High St, Thornbury, VIC
Kids In Berlin, 472 Victoria Street, North Melbourne, VIC
View Point Gallery, 13 View Point, Bendigo, VIC
Art Boy Gallery, 99 Greville St, Prahran, VIC
Brunswick Bound, 361 Sydney Road, Brunswick, VIC

Very soon at...
Mushroom Crafts, Bair Street, Leongatha, VIC

Friday, December 2, 2011

A Moment To Pause

Description: This is me sitting out at Lorne waiting for a wave. I swear I did see some that day.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

November Round Up

Christmas is getting closer and closer. For those already immersed in the Christmas fan fare here are some posts from November you may have missed...

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Hints + Tips - How to make a beach bag

Between work, study, art and blogging I also spend a far amount at the beach. I'm just loving this DIY on Home Life about how to make your very own beach bag . The perfect thing to make when the surf isn't all that good and the weather isn't all that nice. Now which colours?

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Retrospect Galleries is celebrating its first year in the Broadbeach gallery and its fourth year in their Byron Bay gallery with the opening of Petits Travaux '11, an exhibition of miniature works from a mix of established and emerging artists. Each artist is exhibiting nine individual works that are 25cm x 25cm in size.

I've sent a selection of my animal stencil works up to both galleries. It's the first time I'm showing at Retrospect Galleries QLD gallery and the first time I think I've shown work in QLD, so I'm pretty excited! I've also sent up a few new stencils which is always nice too.

Retrospect Galleries
52 Jonson St Byron Bay, NSW
Opening: Friday 2 December, 6pm onwards
Exhibition: Friday 2 December - Wednesday 21 December

Retrospect Galleries
Cnr Elizabeth Ave & Oracle Blvd (Under the Green Fins), Broadbeach QLD
Opening: Friday 2 December, 6pm onwards
Exhibition: Friday 2 December - Wednesday 21 December

Monday, November 21, 2011

FanBoy VS ArtBoy: Sci-Fi

 Nicole Tattersall - Rabbit Tales (Spray 7 of 10)

Art Boy are at it again, with the next round of FanBoy vs ArtBoy, this time it's Sci-Fi. I had some grand plans for my piece for this exhibition however the deadline very quickly crept up on me and I had to think fast. One of my favourite Sci-Fi movies is "The Hitchhickers Guide to the Galaxy" and with my stencil of Nickel with a book, I thought it made an interesting combination.

On Sunday I planned to finish and drop off this piece, though as fate would have it Nickel had to be taken to emergency at the vet. Meaning that alternative arrangements had to be made in dropping off the work. Nickel is okay she had an operation today on her teeth, spent last night and is spending tonight at the vet.

Now back to the topic... other artists in the exhibition include artists include: Heesco, Mike Adey, Matthew Dunn, Josh Lord, Pierre Lloga, Kareem Rizk, ADi, Rebecca Murphy, Frederic Truteau (Fr), Lisa C. (Fr), Jack Douglas and many more.

Plus Art Boy are giving punters the opportunity to decided the theme for the next FanBoy vs ArtBoy. Cast your vote on opening night and determine which theme they will kick off 2012 with!

FanBoy vs ArtBoy - Sci-Fi
Artboy Gallery
99 Greville St, Prahran, VIC

Exhibition Opening: Friday 25 November, 6pm - late
Exhibition: Friday 25 November - Sunday 4 December
Facebook Event

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Hints + Tips - Blog Etiquette

One of my most favourite blogs to flick through on a regular basis is Creature Comforts. Lately I've noticed they've complied their posts about how to be a better blogger into one nice neat and tidy series. Whilst going through it one post that caught my eye was Blog Etiquette.

It's aimed at both writers and readers. Even though it doesn't quite cover everything it covers the basic need to know and understand stuff. Whether your a reader or a writer I recommend having a read.

Friday, November 11, 2011

A Moment To Pause

Photographer: Shelby Tanner
Title: untitled

Being Outdoors with Style

Besides being practical with a Small Blade, Scissors, Nail File with Screwdriver Tip, Toothpick, Tweezers and a Key Ring, these Swiss Army knives are just so stylish. Thinking one might go on my Christmas Wish list!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Hints + Tips - PR Tips To Make Note Of

Between writing for my blog, for CURVY, my time at We Make Stuff Good and various other places, I've realised that there are some key things that make those who are good at what they do stand out even more when it comes to PR. These are just a few things that make my job so much easier when wanting to write about someone and make that person fantastic to work with.

• A press release shouldn't be longer than 1 page and no more than 1MB in size if emailing. Try to really reduce it down to the facts, add a quote and some content. I'm not kidding when I say this; I receive press releases for group exhibitions without the full list of artists, gallery address or even relevant websites such as the facebook event page and yet they'll be 3 pages long.

• Give people a chance to write about the event, sending a press release with less than a week until the event increases the chances greatly of you not having it published. When leading up to a big event, I send out a different press release about the same event about 3 months prior, another at the 1 month to go mark and the last one at at the 2 weeks to go mark. This ensures that no matter the medium they've the opportunity to write about it.

• Be timely, if someone contacts you about wanting to do an interview or featuring you work. Try to reply within 48hrs not 48days. I've found that those at the top of their field are the quickest to reply. While those who want to be at the top of their field are by far the slowest. There are deadlines even in the world of blogging, you'd hate to miss out on a feature because you were too slow to reply.

• This is more of a tip than a what to avoid doing. Keep a folder in an easy to find location on your computer with current photos of you, your studio, lifestyle like shots and your work, in different sizes. This will make it much easier for you to respond to requests for images.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Red Bull MOBILE Scout Update

Over the last month I was sharing my Red Bull MOBILE experiences on the Red Bull MOBILE Scout website. From going to the X-fighters in Sydney, being at Semi-Permanent, heading to the Moto GP at Phillip Island and much, much more. All 8 Scouts were competing for the chance to go to the Formula 1 in Melbourne. Sadly I didn't win though I'm very happy that Craig from Perth did, as he was very much deserving of it!

The whole experience was amazing and they only thing I wish is that it went for a little bit longer, a month of exciting stuff simply isn't long enough. Though I've been making my own fun and pushing my own limits - going surfing, heading to new events and just checking out stuff!

To read my posts visit my Red Bull MOBILE Scout page. Also check out the posts by the other scouts throughout Australia while your there too.

If you're interested in finding out more about Red Bull MOBILE visit their website, like them on facebook or follow them on twitter.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Hints + Tips - Be Found

Recently when looking for creative people to contact about projects or to feature them I've noticed about 60 - 75% of people I come across are impossible to contact or make it very hard to contact them. I wonder how many opportunities that they've missed out because people can't contact them.

Here are a few things that I wish people did to make it easier for me to show their wonderful work to the world:
• Wherever you are on the internet eg. The Loop, Etsy, Red Bubble, MadeIt, make sure that people know about your website.
• Have your email address accessible to the general public.
• If your on twitter, have a facebook fan page or use any other social media, where appropriate list them too.
• Get a friend to check out your sites ect. to give you feedback on how accessible your information is.
• Make it easy for people to contact you, though do keep in mind that you do have have to be safe on the net. Don't put up a whole pile of private contact information out there eg. home address
• On your website or blog have a contact page where you list all your relevant contact information. This is something I recently did myself.

Monday, October 31, 2011

My Office/Studio

To celebrate the official announcement of my position at CURVY as the Melbourne Editor I've given a look into my studio/office and the knick knacks that are in it! Click here to check out the post.

I'm also very lucky to have on board with me Megan Dell, Mishy Lane and Phoebe Miller.

October Round Up

Here are the five of my most read posts from October just in case you missed them whilst enjoying Spring...

Sunday, October 30, 2011

November Art Catalogue

My November 2011 Art Catalogue is now up online ready to view and check out. It features a selection of some new works I've recently completed and older works. Should you be interested in purchasing any of the pieces from my November2011 Art Catalogue or if you are a gallery interested in stocking my work, feel free to email me.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Illustration Friday - Scary

I get so excited when an Illustration Friday email arrives in my inbox telling me what the weeks topic is. Sometimes I have nothing and sometime I have something. The current topic is Scary, which is quite fitting as this weekend its Halloween. I've chosen to submit 'Yikes!', which is based around the idea of dressing up as a ghost.

Thursday, October 13, 2011


My time as a Red Bull MOBILE Scout is almost up. Over the past several weeks, I've been to Sydney for the X-fighters, had a Hot Lap with Rick Kelly at Calder, went to the Red Bull Music Academy, checked out The Art of Flight and documented my arty goinings on in the studio and at Semi-Permament. This weekend my last experience is going to the Moto GP at Phillip Island, where I'm taking my dad and a rev head of a friend.

I've loved the whole experience and I'm sad to see it come to an end. For me, my life will go back to being study, freelance work, looking for work, painting, blogging, animal rights and a spot of surfing.

The Red Bull MOBILE Scout experience wraps up for me this Saturday. So if you've not yet checked out the website to read my posts, view my videos and see my pics, you'd best do so. Also just by leaving a comment you could win your very own Red Bull MOBILE HTC Cha Cha.

Besides the goodie bags of free stuff, what I've taken away from this experience is that by pushing things that little bit harder and doing things that generally I wouldn't do, I've met a stack of awesome people and done some amazing stuff!

If you're interested in finding out more about Red Bull MOBILE check out their website, like them on facebook or follow them on twitter.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Hints + Tips - Spring 2012 Pantone Fashion Color Report

One of my favourite colour resources is the Pantone color report that comes out as part of New York Fashion Week. It is such as wonderful combination of information, colour and illustration. The report doesn't just serve as a reference but also plays a role in inspiring creatives throughout the world.
Download and view the complete Pantone Spring 2012 Color Report.



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