Sunday, February 28, 2010

Introducing 3...

Recently I've had quite a few new followers of my blog (thank you to you all!) I thought I would share some of there sites with you as a part of 'introducing three...' for this week...

Thursday, February 25, 2010

New Items In Online Shop

Well now that I have a little spare time I've been busy putting a few new items in my online store, such as these postcards...
To purchase these postcards or to to check out other items in my online store visit

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sketch City - Movie

Sketch City have just recently posted up to You Tube short movie that really covers pretty much every single event they have had. There are artists at work, musicians, Dj's, dancers and just general sketchy fun all combined into this 10min short movie for your enjoyment.

I've a few pieces featured in this movie, though sadly no credit :( but there are so many other artists and creatives in it that it would take another 10min movie just to credit every single person that make Sketch City what it is.


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hints + Tips - Being Positive

On Saturday both Megan Dell and I talked at the Creative Women's Circle and one of the topics that we raised were things not to get to disappointed about and why, when it comes to exhibitions. Here are a few of these and more for those who didn't make it on Saturday morning...

1. People Not Coming To The Opening
Things pop up last minute, people forget, they were just saying they would come to be nice ect. whatever the reason when you think that generally 3% of all people that find out about the exhibition opening are going to be there don't dwell on those that are there for the big night. Be thankful for those who do come, even if their there just for the free drinks.
People who don't come to the opening may come to check it out latter on, tell their friends or family about it or maybe they just like hearing what your up to. For these reasons and more don't give up on telling your friends, family and others about your exhibitions. How many of their events have you not been able to attened, but liked hearing about what was going on in their lives?

2. Sponsors Saying No
Right now I work as a Fundraising Officer so asking people for stuff is nothing out of the ordinary. It can be daunting in asking people for sponsorship, but if you don't ask you don't receive.
Another positive about asking companies is that even if they say no, at least you've been able to introduce what it is that you do to them, and maybe next time when they see some progression could be more inclined to say yes.
What's the worse that can happen? They say no.

3. But They Didn't Post My Article!
You go to all the effort for your press release, send it out early, include pictures... the works. You send each email off individually and personalise each one for the recipient. You wait, you Google, you search and yet some have not posted it.
As a blogger myself I don't post everything that I get sent information about, sometimes there is not enough lead time, it doesn't fit into what I write about or there is some other reason. As a submitter I don't worry too much about it, unless I'm paying for add space I can't expect everyone I send it to, to post it or write about it.
Those that do post an article about it, I make sure I recognise and say thank you to! Focus more on those that do and less on those that don't.

Monday, February 22, 2010

‘Ladies Luv’ Sketch City - Saturday March 13

Sketch City is celebrating Melbourne’s female creatives by bringing them together for a day of music, art, dance and film. There will be live painting by Melbourne’s best female artists and musicians with their unique blend of interactive live art and hip hop.

I'll be painting live at this event alongside with Poise, Joske, Isis, Sear, Inkle, Mishap, Miss Riz, Maria Rozalia Finna, Snookie and Montassj. Tunes will be created by the likes of Mz Rizk, Cutluce, Taka Co, MC Pash, Toasters Boutique, Sketch The Rhyme (SYD).

Sketch City, Dazzleland Studios
25 Eastment Street, Northcote
Event: Saturday 13 March, 4pm - 10pm
Cost: $7 entry ($5 conc.)

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Introducing 3...

I've been doing a little reflection on what inspires me in my art, I would like to share with you three of theses things...
The Beach

The Dogs


Saturday, February 20, 2010

'Split Personalities' - Pictures

As promised here is a selection of pictures that were taking during bump in, the opening and any other times Megan Dell or I have been at No Vacancy. The exhibition is on until 5 March so you've still got time should you be in Melbourne to come and check it out.

Friday, February 19, 2010

A Moment To Pause

Photographer: Randy Son Of Robert
Title: Pretty, Dazed and Confused

'Split Personalities' - Thank you!

Last night was the long awaited opening of 'Split Personalities', the duo exhibition I've been working on with Megan Dell which is now currently on at No Vacancy Gallery until 5 March.

For me personally I would like to thank the following people for all their help and support, without it I may not of achieved what I had managed to achieve:
• My Family and Close Friends
• Megan Dell
• No Vacancy Gallery
• Luke at Fuel Magazine
• Scott and Paul at Outereef
• Trevor King
• Leeloo
• Creative Womens Circle
• We Make Stuff Good
• Senior Art Supplies
• Barkly Framers

.... and of coarse everyone who has wished me luck for this exhibition, been supportive of my work and who have just make things wonderful (including the people at the local bottle shop for having cider to purchase so I can drink it whilst painting)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

'This Little Piggy' - Re-cap

Recently I've gotten into the habit of not blogging about works until after the opening of the exhibition they are in, since 'This Little Piggy' has been, I can now share with you the little piggy that I made for the exhibition, which was shown alongside with the originals of 'Yikes!' and 'Ahhh...' at China Heights.

I wish I could of made it to Sydney for the exhibition, as all the pictures I've seen make it look so amazing! To see what I mean check out:

The lovely Rebecca Murphy who curated the whole show (big pat on the back) will also be placing the pigs and artworks from the exhibition online for sale in the very near future, keep your eyes peeled.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Update: A Very Sad Valentine's Day Story

For those who don't yet know, Eccles is back with his sweetheart Lola. After just only three days he was found, with the the generous help of the public.

The couple who are accused of the theft have been charged with two counts of theft and going equipped to steal. They have been bailed to appear at Melbourne Magistrates' Court on March 30. Whose a pretty jail bird now?

'Split Personalities' - The Bump In

Megan Dell took these shots and compiled them together as a panoramic view of the space before we embarked on the task of hanging everything. Yes, that is me in the picture. If you want to see what it looked like after we had hung everything, you'll have to either wait or come along to the opening this Thursday at No Vacancy Gallery .

No Vacancy Gallery
34-40 Jane Bell Lane, Melbourne 3000. (enter from Russell St), Melbourne
Exhibition Opening: Thursday 18 February 6pm - 9pm
Exhibition: Thursday 18 February till Friday 5 March
Website: or or
Facebook Event:

Also don't forget about our artist talk as part of the Creative Womens Circle, Megan and I will be talking about not just the exhibition but how we came to be doing what we do. It's on Saturday 20 February from 10am – 12noon. This is for women only and an RSVP is required at

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Very Sad Valentine's Day Story

Lola (left) is missing her Eccles (right) after he was stolen in a Valentine's Day robbery. These two love birds have been separated and Lola is in somewhat of a state.

Eccles, was in his cage with his female companion, Lola, when he was taken from the Elizabeth St shop in central Melbourne between 3.30pm and 4pm.

Lola and Eccles owners have set up a page on facebook to get the word out there and try to bring back Eccles. There are links to news articles and up to date information. You can visit it at!/help.find.eckles?ref=mf

Anyone with information that may reunite these love birds please contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or visit

Hints + Tips - Being Mentally Ready For An Exhibition

Yesterday we set up for 'Split Personalities' the duo exhibition I'm doing with Megan Dell which opens this Thursday at No Vacancy Gallery. Over the the past week and even yesterday I was pretty relaxed, no stressing, just taking it all in my stride. This is the biggest ever exhibition I've done to date and don't let my complacency full you into thinking that I'm not excited, because I' am. So how have I managed to keep my cool, especially in the past few weeks...
1. Being apart of an exhibition where I know the other person and work well with.
2. Having the exhibition at a gallery where I've worked with before.
3. Planning, whether it be 'I need to get this work completed tonight' or 'I need to send out invites by this date', it all helps in easing the pressure as I knew what's next.
4. Giving time for things to not work or to take longer than expected.
5. Being prepared to not have everything ready and accepting not having them in the exhibition
6. Celebrating achieving each milestone, one of my personal favorites is treating myself to a hair treatment or mini facial.
7. Taking some time out, giving myself a break other wise I would of burned out.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Summer Lounge Sessions

Since the opening on February 5 the Kingston City Hall has been running the 'Summer Lounge Sessions'each Friday evening.

With comfy surrounds suitable for a drink or dance, provided with latin and funk with shades of jazz. There have been graffitti and stencil artists scrawling and stencilling, creating pieces of works for the new gallery space, and weird and wonderful slides and videos from emerging multimedia artists projected on to the walls.

'Summer Lounge Sesssions' are running until 26 February. For those who are interested in coming along I'll be painting live on the 18 and 26 of February 6pm - 9pm so come on by and say hi.

Kingston Arts Center & Kingston City Hall
979-985 Nepean Hwy, Moorabbin
Event Dates: Friday 5, 12, 19 and 16 February, 6pm onwards
Cost: Free Admission Until 8 pm, $5 After 8 pm, $10 After 10 pm

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day

Wishing everyone a lovely and wonderful Valentine's Day!

Make sure each and everyday you tell those that you love just how special they really are and not just save it all up for one day.

Over the last few weeks my boy has been fantastic by cooking me dinner and making sure I take a rest here and there from my preparations for 'Split Personalities' which is just so lovely of him.

Introducing 3...

Three things to give someone you love this Valentines....

Handpicked Flowers

Chill Time

Saturday, February 13, 2010

'Split Personalities' - Duo Exhibition - Nicole Tattersall and Megan Dell

Well... the count down is on... Megan Dell and I will be bumping in for ‘Split Personalities’ Presented by Fuel Magazine. This Monday, which gives me 2 days left to paint and get creative. For both of us this is the largest showcase of our works in one space that we are preparing for to date. Which is pretty nerve racking and exciting at the same time.

The exhibition is to be held at No Vacancy Gallery, opening on Thursday 18 of February at 6pm - 9pm and running until Friday 5 March 2010.

If you can't make it to the opening and your a lady, there is an extra special event. As part of the Creative Womens Circle, Megan and I will be doing an artist talk on Saturday 20 February from 10am – 12noon. We will discuss how we came together for 'Split Personalities', about our works, the creative process and how we put together such an exhibition. This is for women only and an RSVP is required at

Hope to see you there!

No Vacancy Gallery
34-40 Jane Bell Lane, Melbourne 3000. (enter from Russell St), Melbourne
Exhibition Opening: Thursday 18 February 6pm - 9pm
Exhibition: Thursday 18 February till Friday 5 March
Cost: Free entry
Website: or or

Friday, February 5, 2010

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

'Melbourn Reprezebt' - We Love Melburn - P2M

"MELBURN REPREZENT- We Love Melbourne!" show, is happening at good ole' Per Square Metre during the month of February, the month of lurve!

Why you ask? Because they have a mad love for Melbs....whether you're into design, fashion, lowbrow, sewing, tattooing, street art, sculpture, hot rods, stickers, paste ups, pin striping, bike's, toys,films, photos or good old graffiti, there's something for everyone in Melbourne.

"It's our art, it's our space, it's our town, and we runnin it our way! We are in the mood to give some love back! So were inviting each and every one of our past exhibitors, (and even some new ones...) to come and celebrate with us!" - P2m

Now, I've put in around 8 pieces into the exhibition that will showing for the whole month. Also has Pierre, Kaitlin Beckett, Sear, Leeana Edwards and many other wonderfully talented people around Melbourne. But it's not just art work it's much... much... more...

Artist Market Sunday:
As part of melburn love fest, and to showcase melburn's talent, they will be having artist markets every sunday in February! There are 15 stalls available each Sunday at the cost of $30.00 per stall, per day or $100 for all 4 Sundays! Stall sizes are approx. 6'x 2'(with added space to sit) so you can share a table with crafty mates or do it solo style, get in quick and make yourself some love cash!

Market dates are the 7th,14th, 21st and 28th of February only...(at this point)

Contact sam by email at or email Christie at for more details.

Feb Film Night Mondays:
See.. told you this was a big month!... its like a drive in but... not. As a part of 'Melburn Reprezent-We love Melbourne', Per Square Metre and Joske Films will be proudly presenting unseen footage and forgotten about films from different melbourne film makers on MONDAY nights during the month of love... Monday film nights kick off on Monday 8 Feb from dusk... refreshments and bevvies available on the night for purchase and entry is by gold coin donation..

The first film off the rank id 'Brooklyn Aint Dead' presented by Stopem and JoskeFilms, includes never seen before footage of the Brooklyn/Sims Metal scrapyards!!

If anyone has any more footage of Brooklyn circa 2004-2006 please email Joske asap....
If anyone has any short films,videos or interesting footage for showing please contact joske at to reserve your night or part thereof!!

Valentines Day PAINT JAM: 14th Feb
ahh....PM2 want to share their love with you and to show it, they are inviting artists to come and collaborate on the walls of PM2 (outside) on Sunday 14 Feb for a massive paint jam...all artists interested must contact Jimmy at info@persquaremetre to register their interest.
BBQ and beverages available on the day for artists... music and the artist market as well!'

If all of that was too much to absorb, the guys at P2M have put together this helpful calendar, just click on the image to enlarge.

Per Square Meter Gallery
191-193 Johnston Street, Collingwood
Exhibition/Event: Month of February



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