Saturday, January 30, 2010

Rock Pool Heart

Looking for a unique Valentine's Day card to give you loved one? In my online shop is a gift card featuring my photograph (also in Peppermint Magazine issue 3) of Rock Pool Heart, which I think is pretty unique and special if I do say so myself.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Australia Day

Wishing everyone in Australia a wonderful and safe Australia Day.

Hints + Tips - The Eco House Guide

Wanting to make your house a little more 'green'? Head on over to where they have some helpful advice on how to make your home a little more eco friendly.

Personally here are a few simple things I do to be greener:
• Use the eco cycle on the washing machine
• Air dry my clothes
• Do without the air-con, if it's really hot and I need it on I only have it running at 25 degrees celsius
• Limit the amount of running water time in the shower by turning the taps off when shaving, lathering ect.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Haiti - The Animal Victims

As of February I was going to feature one cause each month, however after speaking with WSPA today about the earthquake in Haiti and the urgent help that is required for all living creatures, well I've started early.

The extent of the earthquake in Haiti is horrifying and the toll that this disaster will take on the people of the country is enormous. The animal victims desperately need help too, and the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) is joining forces with other animal welfare groups to come to their aid. If you want to help by making a financial donation head over to

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


For those who don't know I'm just mad about tea. I'll easily go through a pot or two whilst painting. Hence I'm just simply swooning over the Tea Cozys by Tabitha Emma, oh how I would adore to have one. You can check them out online at her Etsy shop along with other equally adorable items which she creates.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hints + Tips - Asking

Some of you may know that recently I've changed jobs just prior to Christmas from working as a Graphic Designer to now being a Fund-raising Officer. I see a huge question mark above your head wondering 'how?' and 'why' right now, and the quick reply is I originally come from an events management background.

One thing I've come across throughout my various jobs is that people are to scared to ask, if you don't ask you don't know. Though in saying that do be prepared.

In the case of an artist there is no point going to a gallery and telling them about what you do unless you have pictures on hand. Your better of taking a card and sending an email when you do or if you can go back when you've something to show them.

Same with asking for sponsorship for an exhibition, have as much information as possible, they want to see pictures and really get a feel for what the exhibition is about.

Be prepared to be asked questions. Yes, I've had those stumbling moments. Tell them your thinking about it and when you've an answer you'll let them know.

At the end of the day if you don't ask you don't know and be prepared to accept 'no' as an answer. In saying that the people who have been very rude in their rejections when I've been calling them about goods for an auction, they've lost a potential customer. On the other hand if you do get asked and need to say no, do so in polite manner, as you may get a sale or two out of it.

Monday, January 18, 2010

'Split Personalities' Sneak Peak

Above is a little and very cryptic sneak peak at what I've been up to in preparation for 'Split Personalities' which opens at No Vacancy on the 18th of February. To read more about the exhibition visit the original post at

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Can I Have This, Please!

Ohhh.. how much I love these metal trunks by CB2. What a way to make storage funky. Now I know what your thinking, 'Why not use old suitcases?' well these would be much easier to clean.

Friday, January 15, 2010

A Moment To Pause

Photographer: Dia
Title: It's Summer!

Trivia? 100 Things We Didn't Know Last Year

Have a trivia night coming up? Want to fill in those awkward moments in conversation? Well what ever your issue is, head on over to BBC to read 100 Things We Didn't Know Last Year. Me? I just have an unhealthy obsession for remembering such odd things as 'Being sorry originally meant to be distressed and sad ' and 'Banana skins can take two years to biodegrade'.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

'Shady Pasts' at Per Square Meter

Opening this Friday is an enlightening collection of contemporary illustration, design and visual art by some of Melbourne’s well known and up-and-coming artists from all backgrounds and disciplines... all on the lampshades of yesteryear!

Per Square Meter Gallery
191-193 Johnston Street, Collingwood
Opening Night: Friday 15 January, 6pm - 9pm
Exhibition: Friday 15 - Sunday 24 January
Cost: Free Admission

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Renee Anne - Print Sale!

Renee Anne has reduced the price on everything in her etsy shop. Why? Well this little creative missy has been busy creating some new things and needs room! To find out more visit her post on her blog at

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Hints + Tips - Packing Art For Postage

Every so often I need to pack a painting for postage, most times I get complimented on how well I pack them. Here is a useful site that I will at time refer to when packing artworks which I thought would be worth sharing.

Monday, January 11, 2010

This Little Piggy

Ben Allen, Burntfeather, Caitlin Shearer, Chrissy Lau, Dreams of Grandeur, Emma Kidd, Gloz, James Carey, Jessica Klingelfuss, Kaitlin Beckett, Little Gonzales, Luke Burcher, Megan Dell, Mz. Kat-ii, Natalie Perkins, Qwux, Rebecca Murphy, Renee Anne, Robbie Karmel, Tiger, Tony Curran, Yewot, Yolanda Stapleton, Yuki Nakano and myself (me; Nicole Tattersall) have been each given a little pig to paint and call our own. We'll at least until someone else loves it enough to take it from the exhibition coming up at China Heights.This select group of established and emerging artists have each worked on a small ceramic piggy bank, which will be on show next to one or more wall-hung artworks by each of the artists.
Above is a little sneak peak at my little piggy, it will be on show next to originals of Yikes! and Ahhh... from the series I like to refer to as 'is it Jack or is it Jill?'

China Heights Gallery
257 Crown Street, Darlinghurst
Opening Night: Friday 12 February 6pm - 9pm
Exhibition: Friday 12 - Sunday 14 February
Website: or

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Introducing 3...

Here in Melbourne it's been a little on the warm side and it shows no sign of getting cooler in a hurry, for me it feels only fitting then that I introduce three ways to keep cool.

1. Make some yummy fresh lemonade, by squeezing lemons, adding mineral water and sugar to taste. It will give you something to take your mind off the heat and it will be refreshing to drink.

2. Head to the local gallery, preferably a national or state gallery, they keep their temperatures consistent. You'll get to see some fantastic art and keep cool at the same time.

3. Dampen a head scarf and wrap it around your neck.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Facebok Fan Page

Looking for another fan page to sign up to on facebook? If you've not yet signed up to mine and want to keep up to date with small tid bits here and there of my artististic goings on, head on over to

Friday, January 8, 2010

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Turquoise is so like 2010

Pantone has announced that PANTONE 15-5519 Turquoise, as the Color of the Year for 2010. Personally as a colour by itself I'm not a huge fan and maybe it's because every time I go into an alternative shop they tell me how good I would look in Turquoise. Though combined with other colours to represent the ocean and a tropical paradise, I just adore it. Congratulations Turquoise!

For further information visit

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A Moment To Pause - Submissions

Are you a photographer, fashion designer or maybe even something similar? Would you like to see your photographs in my weekly photo feature titled 'A Moment To Pause'? If so send me an email at nicole_a_tattersall[at] with the photo you would like shown, along with as much detail as you can; photographer, website, model, clothing by, make-up artist ect.

Looking forward to seeing everyone's submissions!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Hints + Tips - Title For A Painting

What's in a name? For me my artworks are generally titled with the name of the stencil and then something that is unique to that painting. An example is that the one featured above is titled Zebra Wallpaper. I also will sometimes name a style and utilise that when titling my works. So you may see works being titled Animal Design - Tree Kangaroo and Animal Design - Dolphin.

Recently I was thinking I should think more about the titles of my artworks which is how I came across this article titled How to Pick a Title or Name for a Painting and thought that it may worth sharing.

Do you have any tips or advice on how to title or name artworks?

Monday, January 4, 2010

Pre-Order Fuel Magazine Issue 3

The beautiful people at Fuel Magazine are presenting the exhibition 'Split Personalities' which I'm doing with Megan Dell at No Vacancy in February and they are also featuring some of our works in their up and coming issue (number 3).

Here is a sneak peak at the pieces I created for issue 3....
All 132 pages of issue 3 are chock full of fuel, photography, art driven goodness, and it's not just for petrol heads either. For a sneak peak of what I mean head on over to

So that you don't miss out you can pre-order your copy now, which will shipped in mid January.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

'Split Personalities' - Duo Exhibition - Nicole Tattersall and Megan Dell

As you may have already heard I've joined forces with fellow Melbourne artist Megan Dell for ‘Split Personalities’ Presented by Fuel Magazine. A duo art exhibition to be held at No Vacancy Gallery, opening on Thursday 18 of February and running until Friday 5 March 2010.

Currently we are in the process of creating a selection of pieces in a variety of mediums and methods from stencilling to illustrations and installations to mixed media. With a emphasis on using recycled materials as a base in which they are working upon, their works reflect an inspiration of ones man trash is a another man's treasure, in this case women's treasure. Both of us vary in styles and mediums in our own works, with swapping between different applications of creativity and contexts, which in turn are our own creative 'Split Personalities'.

For both of us this is the largest showcase of our works in one space that we are preparing for to date.
Recently Megan has exhibited in New Collections by Freshly Baked Gallery, Spin That Thing at Famous Gallery, the Postcard Show at the Linden Gallery and shown in Happenstance Magazine. For 'Split Personalities' her works will reflect her strong use of recycled materials and finding beauty in unlikely places.
In relation to my own art I was published in Curvy 6 and with works in both the Sydney and Melbourne exhibitions. More recently I've exhibited in 'Petits Travaux' at Retrospect Galleries and Leeloo's 'Once Upon' at aMBUSH. My works were also on display as part of the Underground at the 2009 Melbourne Stencil Festival. I'm very busy working on a selection of pieces with promise that you will see a surfboard installation, a visual representation of my grandparents history and of course a strong presence of my passion for nature and using ones imagination.

Artist Talk:
As part of the Creative Womens Circle, Megan and I will be doing an artist talk on Saturday 20 February from 10am – 12noon. We will discuss how we came together for 'Split Personalities', about our works, the creative process and how we put together such an exhibition. This is for women only and an RSVP is required at

No Vacancy Gallery
34-40 Jane Bell Lane, Melbourne 3000. (enter from Russell St), Melbourne
Exhibition Opening: Thursday 18 February 6pm - 9pm
Exhibition: Thursday 18 February till Friday 5 March
Cost: Free entry
Website: or or

Introducing 3...

Being that it is the first 'Introducing 3...' for 2010 I'm thinking that listing three things that I plan to achieve this year would be more than suitable.

1. To reduce my inbox to no more than 20 emails. This will be a tough one as right now I think I've well over 300 in there. If anyone has any tips they would be more than appreciated.

2. For my exhibition with Megan Dell at No Vacancy which opens in February to be a success. I know I don't have much control of it but one can dream and hope, right?

3. To go surfing at least once every two weeks. This is something I've let slide a little at the end of 2009 and oh how I miss the time just doing nothing but enjoying the ocean.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Best of the Independent Games Festival 2009

Machinarium concept art (2009) via ACMI

Looking for something to do? The other day I was in the city and one of the many things I checked out was the Best of the Independent Games Festival 2009 at ACMI. Now I'm no gamer but I do have a high appreciation for the graphics and artistic work that goes into creating these worlds in which one move characters around in.

The Best of the Independent Games Festival was established in 1998 in San Francisco by CMP media (now Think Services), the annual festival encourages innovation in game development and recognises the best work of indie designers. Which is something in all genres that should be encouraged.

On display is not only games for you can play for free but also concept artworks for some of the games. This is something that I'm more interested. I did have a go at playing Blueberry Garden by Erik Svedäng of Sweden and loving the graphics did not help me at all in playing the computer game, having it shown on a large screen did very little for my ego too. For now I may just sit back and enjoy the images and practice in private away from the general public.

For those of whom you are interested in who is the best of independent games for 2009, here they are:
• Blueberry Garden, Erik Svedäng, Sweden. Winner - Seumas McnNally Grand Prize.
• Machinarium, Amanita Design, Czech Republic. Winner - Excellence in Visual Art.
• Brainpipe, Digital Eel, USA. Winner - Excellence in Audio.
• Musaic Box, KranX Productions, Ukraine. Winner - Excellence in Design.
• Cortex Command, Data Realms, USA. Winner - Technical Excellence.
• Osmos, Hemisphere Games, Canada. Winner - D2D Vision Award.
• PixelJunk Eden, Q-Games, Japan. Nominated - Excellence in Visual Art.
• The Graveyard, Tale of Tales, Belgium. Nominated - Excellence in Visual Art.
• Night Sky, Nicalis, USA. Nominated - Seumus McNally Grand Prize.
• Eufloria, Omni Systems, UK. Nominated - Seumus McNally Grand Prize; D2D Vision

ACMI, Federation Square, Gallery 2, Flinders Street, Melbourne
When: Tuesday 8 December 2009 - Sunday 14 February 2010
Open: Daily 10am - 6pm
Cost: Free admission



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