Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Hints + Tips - Working with a Framer

mr frame #1 by petra mrzyk & jean francois moriceau from energeticspell

At the moment I have a pile of works that need framing. Which made me think about the first time I ever went to get anything framed and how nervous I was about it. I didn't quite know what to expect, I spent all this time on these works and then to hand them over to someone who I didn't know and getting them to frame it, what did I need to do, what were they going to do?

Now it's becoming a little old hat, but I'm still learning something new each time I go. What advice can I offer to those getting their works framed...

1. Ask around, ask other artists who they use or who they recommend not to go to.
2. Shop around, get a feel for the framers and be comfortable with them and the pricing. This could be a long time business relationship and it's good to start off on the right foot.
3. If someone has reccomended them to you make sure you let them know.
4. Ask about how long it takes to turn around job, when dealing with deadlines this is important.
5. You can start by giving them a few pieces to frame and see how it goes, if they do a good job and you like the service, go back there, if not, then never return.
6. I've three framers that I work with, one that does my canvases and stretching and two for framing. One of these is on my way too and from work and the other is a bit out of the way and I can visit on Saturdays, which can be a bit frustrating if I'm short on time.
7. Now that I've a good business relationship with all three I'll take in up to 10 works at a time, sometimes more, but giving them plenty of time to work with. This way I also get a good price. Plus if I know I have another lot of works that I'll be bringing in, I let them know too.
8. As much as they say, we can work to deadlines, try to give them as much time as possible.
9. When you go in with your works ensure that they are already to be framed.
10. Have an idea how you would like to see your works framed, but also be open to suggestions.
11. When you pick your works up, check them at the framers, that way if there is anything wrong, it can be dealt with there and then.

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