Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Hints + Tips - How To Go On Holidays And Leaving Your Art At Home

As you may have read recently, I've spent the past two weeks on holidays away in Europe. For someone like me, who not only works full time but also has her finger in many arty pies I had to be organised so that when I did have a brief moment to check my phone or emails that I wasn't pulling my hair out. During the whole trip I checked my emails once and my phone was maybe once every few days. So how did I do this?

Letting People Know
Prior to leaving I sent every gallery, person or company I deal with a brief email or message letting them know I was going overseas and if there was something that couldn't wait till I got back they had until a certain time and date to get back to me to respond. When you get back let them know your back too.

Vacation Mode
I set up vacation modes on my online stores and set an email auto response, so that people who were contacting me knew I was away and when I would be getting back. Just make sure you cancel them when you do get back!

If there was anything I needed to send to people, even during the first week upon my return I had it posted out before I left. This way I'm not running like a frantic chook when I got back, though I kinda was before I left.

Any payments due while away or just when you get back, pay them before you leave, this way you know just how much spending money you can spend without trying to dig up soem cash when you return, to pay for markets ect.

Everyone deserves a little time out and to esnure it is stress free a little planning is always helpful! So did I have any issue? Other than being asked if I have any pieces for an exhibition back home, whilst at Kula Lumpar Airport waiting for my next flight heading towards Germany, nope there was none.

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