Friday, July 16, 2010

Germany Here I Come

I'm off for 2 weeks! I'm leaving the Australian shores and heading to Europe for the first time. I'll be arriving in Germany were I'll spend a bit of time traveling about, duck into Netherlands for a bit of a sticky beak, head to France to see the Lourve and the Versi, then head back to Germany where I'll leave to come back home to Australia.

I've done a little bit of pre-planning which means that there will still be regular daily posts on my blog for you to read over your morning/afternoon tea.

I look forward to sharing the photos of my trip when I get back in just over 2 weeks time.


  1. have a great time nic
    safe travels
    cheers kim

  2. Thank you Kim.

    I've been taking lots of photos that I'll post on my blog when I get back too!





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