Sunday, July 11, 2010

Curvy 7 Update

I'm sure I'm one of many artists still waiting to see if they got into Curvy 7. Just the other day on the Curvy World Facebook Page they announced that the 2010 CURVY book is being guest curated by French artist Fafi together with Colette Paris founder of Sarah Lerfel. They've been through the submissions and will be unveiling the final artist list shortly. Plus they promise that they have some other BIG announcements coming soon!

Fingers crossed and I wish every one who submitted to Curvy 7 the best of luck!


  1. Its very exciting! I am waiting eagerly to find out if i got in this year! Good luck! x

  2. Bout time!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I was beginning to think Curvy was all over for good!
    PS. Thanks so much for putting me in your blog list :) xoxo

  3. I was starting to think the same thing Bec.


    P.S your welcome!




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