Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Ralf Kempken - Filter

Ralf Kempken has been cutting and spraying multi layered stencils for years. From portraiture, iconic Melbourne cafes and modernist architecture. The underlying concept of his works has always been that we filter all we see through past experiences and memories.

Ralf Kempken has over the years made the stencil it self the artwork rather than the tool used to create it. If you have seen his works in the flesh you'll know what I mean when I say that they are true optical illusions. From one point it seems like a pile of messy lines, until you take a step and it all comes into focus and you see an image.

The exciting news is that Ralf Kempken is presenting a new solo exhibition at Ochre Gallery in Collingwood, of hand cut stencils and screens. Drawing on personal and vintage photographs and film stills cut into paper, canvas, card and timber.

Ochre Gallery
32 - 34 Wellington Street, Collingwood
Exhibition Opening: Saturday 15 May, 6pm onwards
Exhibition: Saturday 15 May - Sunday 13 June
Website: www.ralfkempken.com

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