Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hints + Tips - A Tidy Desk


One of my earlier Hints + Tips was "Keeping A Desk Clean and Tidy" and today after spending some time working on my own desk space at home, I was inspired to re-visit this topic. Here are 6 useful tips that I hope will help me keep my desk space tidy.

1. Have a rubbish bin and a recycling basket next to the desk
Correspondence or printouts that has been dealt with should go either into a file for long-term storage, the rubbish bin or the recycling basket. Make sure you empty the rubbish bin and recycling basket on a regular occasion.

2. Store everything in drawers
My desk has 6 decent draws. In these I store stationery, calculators, note pads and anything that I can fit in them that I don't need on the desk or doesn't go into the bookcase. I also have some nifty shelves under the top of my desk that fits my lap top when it's not in use.

3. Additional storage spaces
If the built-in drawers in your own desk don’t offer enough storage space, you can get separate drawer sets or cupboards. Things that you don’t use on a daily basis can go into these additional spaces, leaving your desk clear for the things you have to do everyday, like work, paint, ect.
I have boxes and for my art supplies a huge cupboard in the hall that stocks everything from paint to fabric.

4. Only one pile
If you must leave documents visibly on your desk in case you forget to deal with them, leave them all in one pile. Some people like stacked trays which allow you three little piles, one on top of another, for “In”, “Pending” and “Out”. There should be only one vertical stack of items you need to deal with on a daily basis. Me? Well.... I'm a constant lover of lots and lots of piles when I'm working. Though in my bookcase I have three trays for different types of things and a noticeboard for anything urgent.

5. Work on one thing at a time
Once an item or project is done, all the associated documents and materials should be either stored or discarded before pulling out the next item and its related bits and pieces. This not only keeps your desk clear, but gives a wonderful sense of accomplishment and a strong sense of moving through your day quickly and effectively.

6. Tidy up when completed
The last task of the day should also be put away even if not yet completed. Store everything in a “to do” drawer or tray, and take it out again the next morning or time you visit your desk. Tidying up before leaving gives a nice sense of ‘going home’ and allows you to start the next day fresh and feeling in control when you see your neat desk.

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