Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Farewell - Per Square Meter!

"On May 31st 2010, Per Square Metre will close its doors for the last time.
Due to forseen circumstances with dodgy landlords and the general
gentrification of Collingwood, Per Square Metre is shutting up shop until
a new suitable premises can be found to continue bringing you some light
love and liquor.
Dont cry! Alas, we knew the time would come when the mothership that is
Per Square Metre, would drop and send off her ‘pods’ to spread the love
and grow new projects here in Melbourne, around Australia and the world.

Stay tuned kids…." - Per Square Meter

Yes, the above is sadly true, however I believe that with every ending their is a begining and in the case of all the artists who reside at Per Square Meter, I've been assured that this is the case. Per Square Meter was the first "street art" gallery I ever went too to see an exhibition and last Friday was the last time I went there for one.

Now if you had of of told me when I was there for my first ever Per Square Meter experience that I would have works there, I would of said 'yeah right!', then if you told me that I would do a colab with Sear 'I would of asked what you had been drinking'. Since then I've had a few pieces grace the walls at this Collingwood space and recently by fluke Sear and I have done a piece together "Trial Ridding" which is up in "Last Call* - DVATE & Sear". If you can get down and check out the show out before this gallery does their final bow on the 31st May.

Farewell and I thank you - everyone at Per Square Meter!
"Trial Ridding" - Sear and Nicole Tattersall

PER SQUARE METRE - LAST CALL from Joske Films on Vimeo.

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