Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Hints + Tips - Conservation of Your Artwork

Sometimes artwork needs to be looked after in a particular way to keep in in pristine condition, others require ageing as par of it's process/look. I've thought about quiet often, 'should a painting or artwork come with care instructions, just like clothing does?'

Over at the Art Biz Blog they have an interesting post about why artists should make notes on the conservation of their works, to check it out visit www.artbizblog.com/2010/04/conservation-of-your-artwork-intent-and-keeping-records.html


  1. I took a short art class once. My instructor told us to choose acid free paper. She says it will yellow as much as time goes by.

  2. Your right Megan, buying quality supplies to work on is the first step in making sure your work lasts.





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