Thursday, April 29, 2010

What Shall I Typeface Today?

22-year-old graphic design student Julian Hansen from Copenhagen, Denmark, has put together as one of his projects 'So You Need A Typeface' poster which you can order online at for your nearest and dearest font heads. Besides looking absolutely wonderful, it would amuse you for a while too!

Swing Away..

I'm simply swooning over this swing necklace I spotted over at Calourette.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

WATIM - Issue 22 is out now!

WATIM have just brought out issue issue 20 featuring Bridge Stehli, Keiron Mcmaster, Drypnz, Troy Archer and Daek. Alongside this nice little line up is the artwork gallery section featuring new work by australian artists Phibs, Meggs, Gimiks Born, Beastman, Twenty Eleven, Caitlin Rigby and more

Visit to check it out.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hints + Tips - Your Market Stall

Recently as you may have noticed I've started getting into selling my works at markets. As some what of a newbie at it I went in hunt of some useful advice and came across a post by Christian Sahm over at Dance In My Garden 'Top 10 tips - Visual merchandising for your market stall' which is a top 10 list of what makes an eye catching display.

It covers planning, keeping it cohesive, simplicity, colour, composition, grouping, texture and pattern, animation, graphics and of coarse for every rule, there is an exception.

To read Christian Sahm's 'Top 10 tips - Visual merchandising for your market stall' visit

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Turns Out...

That besides me being a huge Jeff Koons fan, I now as of today equally adore Emily Floyd who created the two works pictured above. I've been adoring these two pieces which are in Melbourne, Emily's home city, for at least a year and talking about them every so often. Yet, it never dawned on me to search who the artist(s) was, nor did I think they were by the same artist.

So Emily Floyd you've joined to small handful of sculpture artists whose work inspire me and I wish to publicly thank you for that.

From now on I'll pay a bit more attention to the works I like and research the artists alot sooner that a year down the track.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Art Swap!

“Roses bloom in the valley wild” by Jessica Hyde (the piece that now hangs on my wall)

'The Golden Goose 3' by Nicole Tattersall (the piece I traded)

Recently I become a proud owner of a piece by the gorgeously talented Jessica Hyde (aka Truth Be Told). We were both at the North Melboure Market together I asked her if we could swap artworks as we both had works from the Once Upon exhibition there. Much to my delight she said yes! 'Roses bloom in the valley wild' now hangs proudly in the hallway.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hints + Tips - How To Avoid Bad Gallery Experiences

Over the past few years I've be victim to, heard of and witnessed some very bad experineces artists have had with galleries. Rather than name names and vent I thought I'd be a bit more grown up about it all and compile some useful tips that I've learnt along the way.

• When renting a gallery space for an exhibition make sure you get everything in writing, from what is expected of both the artist and the gallery. This includes costing, promotion, opening hours and timeframes. If you don't get anything in writing from the gallery send them an email after each meeting or phone call stating what was discussed. This way if there is any dispute such as cost of hire you have a paper trail.

• Check all artwork thoroughly before leaving the gallery with it or when it arrives in your possession, if there is any damage bring it up with them straight away.

• If you feel hard done by, by a gallery you do have rights, however this does heavily rely on my first point about having everything in writing and having proof. In Australia you have ACCC and art associations that you can turn to. Though in all cases I recommend speaking with the gallery owners first to find a suitable resolution.

• Know what to expect from the gallery, look at how they conduct other exhibitions. What do they do to promote them? Talk to other artists about their experiences with the gallery. Ask questions.

• Make sure they are open when they say they'll be, drop in every so often or make a phone call during your exhibition.

• Be upfront with your expectations, so that you've no nasty surprises for the gallery.

• If the gallery has done everything that it promised to do then you cannot take out a poor sales result on them. Though should you have a poor sales result and the gallery did not meet the expectations outlined in the meetings then yes, do present them with your concerns, but do be clear that it is not about poor sales, but about the poor quality of service.

• Above all when you have a good gallery experience let the gallery know.

High Summer at Noa Noa

Just adoring Noa Noa's High Summer range and catalogue, it's just simply divine!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Down The Rabbit Hole

For my birthday which was recently I received tickets to go and see 'Alice In Wonderland' at IMAX last Saturday, and I loved it! It was everything I expected and more. The details in the set had me going gaga, and the dresses... I want!

I had seen time and time again the images and the trailers for the film, I went in knowing not the expect 'Alice in Wonderland' or 'Alice Through the Looking Glass' but a combination of both and a journey similar to Hook or the Never Ending Story II. I was expecting it to be Tim Burton-fied and I was not at all disappointed.

I had heard that some people have found it scary, I think otherwise. In true fairy-tale style and nature this was tame by far. I think Tim Burton could of taken it up another notch of darkness/avant-garde with out too much of an issue. Though in saying that I would highly recommend that any children under 13 be accompanied by an adult.

To view all things 'Alice In Wonderland' visit

Vintage Mother's Day Clip Art

Over at Just Something I Made, they've some very funky retro Mother’s Day Clip Art and if that wasn't good enough you can download it for FREE! Just simply visit

*Please note I use to have an image with this post but I've had other websites using the image without crediting Just Something I Made. Hence I have removed the image in respect to the talented lady behind Just Something I Made.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Introducing 3...

This weeks introducing three is all about giving, here are three charities/causes that I like to support, each for different reasons...

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Art Melbourne - Retrospect Galleries

Retrospect Galleries are making their way to Melbourne for Art Melbourne. I'll be one of the 19 artists that they'll be representing as part of it, pretty exciting! The other 18 artsist are Dolores Cupcake, Fiona Kennedy Altoft, Jan Van Dijk, John Cottrell, Rick Shearman, Hilary Herrmann, Ross Tamlin, Michelle Dawson, Shane Martin, Kareem Rizk, Troy Archer, Nikky Morgan-Smith, Alberto Sanchez, Kate McCarthy, Katka Adams, Lisa Lee and Kellie ODempsey.

Royal Exhibition Building
9 Nicholson St, Carlton
Stand: A14/B13
When: Thursday 22 - Sunday 25 April 2010

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Call Out - This Little Tea Pot

Following the success of This Little Piggy, Rebecca Murphy is now looking for 50 artists to take part in a group exhibition in Sydney for late 2010. Each artist will be provided with a small ceramic teapot to work their magic on - paint, break, modify, whatever. As long as they can tell it was once a teapot, you can go crazy!
Deadline for submissions is May 31st 2010, so head to as fast as you can for more details.

Street Art Ain't A Crime: a charity auction for youth graffiti in Brazil.

Works created by Celso Gitahy during his 2009 Melbourne residency will be auctioned at Fad Gallery on Friday April 23 to coincide with the celebration of the Brazilian Tiradente national holiday.

Street Art ain't a crime in Brazil it's a prolific art form recognised for mobilising communities and making the streets a more colourful place. Gitahy hails from the creative hub of Sao Paulo, Brazil, as a renowned pioneer of street art and avid arts educator. With over 20 years of prolific practice Gitahy is internationally recognised for his elaborate style of stencil making and transgressive works humanising urban architecture. Gitahy has shown his work at major galleries, museums and cultural centres throughout South America, Europe and Australia.

Celso Gitahy has kindly agreed to donate 20% of auction proceeds to NGO learning centre, Ação Educativa (Educative Action) Sao Paulo, Brazil. Ação Educativa is a learning centre founded in 1994 with the mission to promote human rights, education and youth with a view to social justice, participatory democracy and sustainable development in Brazil. Ação Educativa's arts hub run graffiti workshops for youth and juveniles in detention in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Fad Gallery will also be screening Nicholas Hansen’s short documentary '10 minuts' a time lapse odyssey of three days in the studio, a making of Gitahy's 2009 show.

For those interested in a bit of history... Tiradente (1746–1792) was a leading member of the Brazilian revolutionary movement who was publicly hanged but Tiradentes martyrdom made him a national hero of Brazil and April 21st is Tiradentes Day, celebrated with a national holiday and a week of festivities

Fad Gallery, 14 Corrs Lane Melbourne
Charity Auction Night: Friday 23 April, 6.30pm onwards
Preview: Tuesday 20 April 20 - Friday 23 April, 2pm - 1am.
Facebook Event:!/event.php?eid=111747338851026

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Beci Orphin - The Infinite Shape Of Rainbows

For all you Beci Orphin fans out there she's at it again with yet another show coming up at Lamington Drive in Fitzroy, starting this Thursday.

To see a sneak peak at what she's been creating for the exhibition visit where Beci has posted some pictures of her work in progress.

Lamington Drive - At The Compound Interest
89 George Street, Fitzroy
Exhibition Opening: Thursday 15 April, 6pm - 9pm
Exhibition: Thursday 15 April - Saturday 08 May
Cost: This Is A Free Event
Website: or

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Hints + Tips - Conservation of Your Artwork

Sometimes artwork needs to be looked after in a particular way to keep in in pristine condition, others require ageing as par of it's process/look. I've thought about quiet often, 'should a painting or artwork come with care instructions, just like clothing does?'

Over at the Art Biz Blog they have an interesting post about why artists should make notes on the conservation of their works, to check it out visit

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Semi-Permanent - Submissions

Cover of the 1st edition of the Semi-Permanent 2010 book

Semi-Permanent submissions are open once again, this time for the second book of 2010. For details visit

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Oh For Want Of A...

I'm just in love with the humble tressel table. Their easy to move, adjust and you can customise the length. With these legs by Big Game it makes them super hard to resist. Though sadly at the moment I've limited space and I'll continue to work on the desk my mum picked up from an Op Shop for $15 at least 10 years ago. At least my current desk fits in my car!

On another thought maybe I could try to make a pair of legs... ummm... the possibilities. Though where to put it!?!?

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Call Out - Mishy Lane

Melbourne's own Mishy Lane is looking for models in Melbourne to work with. You don't have to have any experience, just a creative, fun attitude. Email her if you are interested at mishylane [at] gmail [dot] com

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Hints + Tips - Pencil Drawings

Every so I look at websites and books that offer advice on drawing and illustration as I see doing so an important part of my own creative growth.

I recently came across a very insightful blog/website that offered advice of drawing with pencils. It's called Only Pencil and is written by the beautifully talented Lisandro Peña, you can find it a The tutorials are very well composed and easy to follow and I think that no matter which level your at with you drawing skill you'll find something worth noting, that will improve your own style.

Monday, April 5, 2010

11th April - North Melbourne Market

I'll be doing The North Melbourne Market on Sunday 11 April, this is the first time I'm doing a market that isn't the No Vacancy Art Markets or the Trash and Treasure where I'm flogging the stuff I no longer need.

I'm pretty excited about this! I'll have cards, badges, small works and are few other items available. If your in the area come on by and say hi!

The Lithuanian Club
44 Errol St, North Melbourne
Cost: $2

Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Home of Beci Orpahn

I woke up this morning to find a little treat at the Design Files by writter Lucy Feagins. A look into the home of Melbourne's very own Beci Orpin. It's so gorgeous and so very very Melbourne, I love it!

Oddly enough it comes at a perfect time when I'm thinking about tackling all my stuff I still have lying around from after moving house about a month ago. It's got me all inspired to clean and sort!

Also whilst on the topic of all things Beci, she now has an online shoppe which is pretty swish looking and for those who have not yet checked out her blog it's well worth the read, over several cups of tea.

Introducing 3...

I wish everyone a wonderful Easter Sunday and as part of that here are three facts about Easter:

1. In medieval times a festival of egg-throwing was held in church, during which the priest would throw a hard-boiled egg to one of the choir boys. It was then tossed from one choir boy to the next and whoever held the egg when the clock struck 12 was the winner and retained the egg.

2. The name Easter owes its origin from Eastre, the Anglo-Saxon goddess who symbolizes hare and egg.

3. Decorated eggs became a mainstay of the Easter celebration in 17th century Germany when parents began decorating eggs and leaving them for their children to find before breakfast.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Multiple Personalities

I've only in the past week gotten to know the work by 'Multiple Personalities' and I just simply adore her style.

Seeing and being inspired by works by other artists really gets me all excited about when I'm next going to put pen to paper and create another illustration.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

smARTarts 2010

For the third year in a row I'll be exhibiting work at the Pine Street Gallery in Chippendale for as part of the City of Sydney's celebrations for Youth Week. This year is slightly different as fellow artist and freind Megan Dell is also sending her work up for the show too. Though sadly neither of us will be able to make it to Sydney for it.

As part of smARTarts there are two very exciting events:

Festival Day
City Of Sydney’s annual youth event, smARTarts Festival! smARTarts is an annual youth arts & cultural festival showcasing the creative talent and initiatives of young people aged 15 - 26, as part of National Youth Week. smARTarts 2010 is set to be an awesome arts, music & culture event - and entry is FREE!
The 2010 festival will feature live music, acoustic acts, poetry, & roving street performers.
You can also browse the designART market for some affordable handmade accessories, zines or art! Learn new skills at fantastic free art workshops. Join in with painting the giant collaborative box wall or get involved in the Open-Mic session! View live art demonstrations, installations & performances.

smARTarts Youth Exhibition
Wednesday 7 April - Friday 30 April
Opening night: Wednesday 7 April 6:30pm – 8:30pm

Prior to the big smARTarts festival day on the 17 April, you can celebrate Youth Week 2010 by heading along to the smARTarts youth art exhibition opening launch!

The exhibition will showcase the best of our local emerging artists. Where you can meet the artists and pick up some affordable art!

Pine Street Creative Arts Centre
64 Pine Street, Chippendale, NSW
Exhibition Opening Night: Wednesday 7 April 6:30pm - 8:30pm
Exhibition: Wednesday 7 - Friday 30 April
Festival Day: Saturday 17 April 2010, 12:30pm - 6:30pm



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