Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hints + Tips - Social Media: Why We Should Embrace It

Recently I've been approached to offer advice on social networking sites. As I've just moved house, come off a very big exhibition, work full time and am juggling several other exhibitions I've just said yes to, I simply don't have the time to explain how to use social networking sites such as twitter and facebook.

This is why I link regulary to articles where other people have taken the time to compile easy to to read and understand articles on the matter. As I do personally believe that sites like flickr and youtube can play a very important part for business and creatives and wish to pass on this information.

This week over at Meylah I found a very useful article titled 'Social Media: Why We Should Embrace It' which is all about social media and is written by Ram Dutt. It is straight to the point and will get you thinking about what social networking tools will suit your needs.

On Meylah there are also many other wonderful articles of interest, and I will be honest and say that this was the first time I had come across Meylah and wish I had a little sooner.

To check out this article visit www.meylah.com/blog/199/Social-Media-Why-We-Should-Embrace-It

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  1. Thank you for sharing Meylah to your community. I appreciate your kind words and you made my day.




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