Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hints + Tips - Being Positive

On Saturday both Megan Dell and I talked at the Creative Women's Circle and one of the topics that we raised were things not to get to disappointed about and why, when it comes to exhibitions. Here are a few of these and more for those who didn't make it on Saturday morning...

1. People Not Coming To The Opening
Things pop up last minute, people forget, they were just saying they would come to be nice ect. whatever the reason when you think that generally 3% of all people that find out about the exhibition opening are going to be there don't dwell on those that are there for the big night. Be thankful for those who do come, even if their there just for the free drinks.
People who don't come to the opening may come to check it out latter on, tell their friends or family about it or maybe they just like hearing what your up to. For these reasons and more don't give up on telling your friends, family and others about your exhibitions. How many of their events have you not been able to attened, but liked hearing about what was going on in their lives?

2. Sponsors Saying No
Right now I work as a Fundraising Officer so asking people for stuff is nothing out of the ordinary. It can be daunting in asking people for sponsorship, but if you don't ask you don't receive.
Another positive about asking companies is that even if they say no, at least you've been able to introduce what it is that you do to them, and maybe next time when they see some progression could be more inclined to say yes.
What's the worse that can happen? They say no.

3. But They Didn't Post My Article!
You go to all the effort for your press release, send it out early, include pictures... the works. You send each email off individually and personalise each one for the recipient. You wait, you Google, you search and yet some have not posted it.
As a blogger myself I don't post everything that I get sent information about, sometimes there is not enough lead time, it doesn't fit into what I write about or there is some other reason. As a submitter I don't worry too much about it, unless I'm paying for add space I can't expect everyone I send it to, to post it or write about it.
Those that do post an article about it, I make sure I recognise and say thank you to! Focus more on those that do and less on those that don't.

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