Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Hints + Tips - Being Mentally Ready For An Exhibition

Yesterday we set up for 'Split Personalities' the duo exhibition I'm doing with Megan Dell which opens this Thursday at No Vacancy Gallery. Over the the past week and even yesterday I was pretty relaxed, no stressing, just taking it all in my stride. This is the biggest ever exhibition I've done to date and don't let my complacency full you into thinking that I'm not excited, because I' am. So how have I managed to keep my cool, especially in the past few weeks...
1. Being apart of an exhibition where I know the other person and work well with.
2. Having the exhibition at a gallery where I've worked with before.
3. Planning, whether it be 'I need to get this work completed tonight' or 'I need to send out invites by this date', it all helps in easing the pressure as I knew what's next.
4. Giving time for things to not work or to take longer than expected.
5. Being prepared to not have everything ready and accepting not having them in the exhibition
6. Celebrating achieving each milestone, one of my personal favorites is treating myself to a hair treatment or mini facial.
7. Taking some time out, giving myself a break other wise I would of burned out.


  1. hope the exhibition went swimmingly! look forward to hearing updates on how it went! -Jg.

  2. Thank you FatScribe, the opening is tomorrow night and I'm starting to get very excited and nervous!





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