Saturday, January 2, 2010

Best of the Independent Games Festival 2009

Machinarium concept art (2009) via ACMI

Looking for something to do? The other day I was in the city and one of the many things I checked out was the Best of the Independent Games Festival 2009 at ACMI. Now I'm no gamer but I do have a high appreciation for the graphics and artistic work that goes into creating these worlds in which one move characters around in.

The Best of the Independent Games Festival was established in 1998 in San Francisco by CMP media (now Think Services), the annual festival encourages innovation in game development and recognises the best work of indie designers. Which is something in all genres that should be encouraged.

On display is not only games for you can play for free but also concept artworks for some of the games. This is something that I'm more interested. I did have a go at playing Blueberry Garden by Erik Svedäng of Sweden and loving the graphics did not help me at all in playing the computer game, having it shown on a large screen did very little for my ego too. For now I may just sit back and enjoy the images and practice in private away from the general public.

For those of whom you are interested in who is the best of independent games for 2009, here they are:
• Blueberry Garden, Erik Svedäng, Sweden. Winner - Seumas McnNally Grand Prize.
• Machinarium, Amanita Design, Czech Republic. Winner - Excellence in Visual Art.
• Brainpipe, Digital Eel, USA. Winner - Excellence in Audio.
• Musaic Box, KranX Productions, Ukraine. Winner - Excellence in Design.
• Cortex Command, Data Realms, USA. Winner - Technical Excellence.
• Osmos, Hemisphere Games, Canada. Winner - D2D Vision Award.
• PixelJunk Eden, Q-Games, Japan. Nominated - Excellence in Visual Art.
• The Graveyard, Tale of Tales, Belgium. Nominated - Excellence in Visual Art.
• Night Sky, Nicalis, USA. Nominated - Seumus McNally Grand Prize.
• Eufloria, Omni Systems, UK. Nominated - Seumus McNally Grand Prize; D2D Vision

ACMI, Federation Square, Gallery 2, Flinders Street, Melbourne
When: Tuesday 8 December 2009 - Sunday 14 February 2010
Open: Daily 10am - 6pm
Cost: Free admission

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