Saturday, October 31, 2009

One Night Stand - Art Auction

When asked by both Rachee and Mj if I had any pieces around that I wanted to put in the auction artists and Sketch City I leaped at it, as recently I've moved most of my works into a storage unit as I no longer have the space for them. I'll be putting in 5 pieces some are my earlier works that I created back in 2006 and some are newer being painted early this year.

Some of the other artists involved are Rachee Renaee, Ben Howe, Sirendoll, Mishap, Megan Dell, Guz, Gadzee and plenty of others.

Funds will be raised by an auction of art pieces conducted bt the well known Ol Uncle Dave from Court Jester who has a good sense of humor and to create an exciting atmosphere there will also be music to.

Dazzleland Studios (Sketch City)
25 Eastment Street, Northcote
When: Wednesday 18 November, 7pm - 11pm
Facebook Event:

Friday, October 30, 2009

A Moment To Pause

Photographer: Trish Woodford
Title: Carpe diem
Description: Carpe diem – meaning Sieze the Day, Live in the Moment etc. and who knows better how to do that than a child. This boy leaping across the rocks in the afternoon sun, reminded the photographer of the freedom that summer seems to hold. Trish Woodford used some textures to try to enhance and portray that feeling.
A candid shot taken on Rottnest Island, Western Australia

My October Letter

Yesterday I sent out my monthly e-letter to all of those on my mailing list and those that are a fan of mine on facebook. If you are not one of those who would are already being kept updated with this monthly email feel free to join my mailing list in the side panel to your right.

If you sign up before the Thursday 5 November I'll promptly send you the October e-letter so that you too can have a read of it and be kept up to date.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Stipple Portraits

Recently I came across works by Noli Novak who since 1987 has been producing stipple portraits for the Wall Street Journal and for corporate clients.
The detail achieved by some many carefully placed dots and lines has me in awe and makes me want to give it a go sometime in the near future.
If you would like to see more of Noli Novak's detailed images visit her website or blog Currently on her blog you can read about an artist that has been using the images created by the artists at the Wall Street Journal and claiming them as their own.

No Fin Soup - Luke Taaffe

Luke Taaffe who has recently moved to surfing mecca of Torquay is having his 2nd solo art exhibition at China Heights which opens this Friday night with live music by Aloyisus.

This exhibition is supporting MS and is also creating awareness of something that I'm very against and find absolutely disgusting; the act of shark finning. For more information about shark finning visit

China Heights Gallery
257 Crown Street, Darlinghurst
Opening Night: Friday 30 October 6pm - 9pm
Exhibition: Friday 30 October - Wednesday 4 November
Website: or

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The King Of Fairyland

Now it might just be that since I've been working on my pieces for Once Upon that I have fairytales on the brain, but I just love this print of 'The King Of Fairyland' by Lindsey Carr.

You can visit her online Etsy store at or visit her website at

Into The Hermitage

The Hermitage is a place where the ever traveling Rima writes tales of her days and thoughts of her stories and songs of her paintings for you to smile at. She is so very talented and lives what appears to be such a whimsical life that it makes me want to pack up and travel around in a rusty old wooden caravan.

To see what I mean head on over to

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hints & Tips - Nerves

Twice during last weekend I got stuck with a bad case of the nerves, which is very odd for me. I don't think I've had so many butterflies in my stomach since when I was competing in swimming and lifesaving, which was a good 7 years ago.

The first instance was when I was standing infront of a canvas that I had already put the base colour on. I don't know what came over me, it was like I became intimated by the canvas all of a sudden. Then on Sunday I was getting all nervous about painting infront of people at a fund raiser for the Baby Tree Foundation, which is something I've not done since April. Though what got to me most was the fact the other artist painting was the brilliantly talented Drewfunk.

So how did I over come them? For the first issue I took a deep breath used the time I spent masking off areas to calm down and focus. Someone I was speaking to about this recommend that the best way to deal with an intimating canvas is to show it whose boss and put that first mark on it.
With painting alongside an artist like Drewfunk I was starting to get a bit nervous a few weeks prior and had spoken to someone about this. This person told me that a very well known Melbourne Street artist also was nervous about painting with someone who is even better known. Knowing that it happens to all of us it helped ease the butterflies. When I started to paint I took my time in preparation talked with the crowd and kept thinking of positive things that people over the past few years have told me about my work. I also had a plan and knew what I wanted to paint before getting to the space.

How do you overcome a bad case of the nerves?

Blanket Interview

I recently did a short interview with the gorgeous people at Blanket Magazine. To check it out head over to and whilst your there make sure you have a look at their online magazine too!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Baby Tree Projects - Re-cap

Last Sunday I did a live painting session for Art Jam a fund raiser for the Baby Tree Projects. There was also traditional Cambodian food, dancing, drumming, live music, an art auction and much more. It was a fun afternoon and I got to meet some wonderful people! Above are pictures of the piece I created and Drewfunk at work.

I hope to get my hands on some of me actually painting to share soon.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

What I've been Up To - Sneak Peak

Other than being busy preparing for the up and coming 'Once Upon' exhibition by Leeloo, I've also been preparing for a family exhibition, 'Smalls Show' at Retrospect Galleries, 'This Little Piggy' curated by Rebbecca Murphy and the duo show I'm doing with Megan Dell at No Vacancy Gallery in February next year 'Split Personalities'.

Here is a sneak peek at some of the pieces I've been working on. Do note that some are complete and some are still works in progress.

This Little Piggy

Once Upon

Smalls Show

Spilt Personalities

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Humane Chain and Handle With Care - Update 2

A while ago I posted about the 'Humane Chain' a campaign against the transport of livestock to the Middle East. the campaign is being driven by Handle with Care and the Humane Chain. To date over 12,000 people, including myself, have joined the chain and sent letters/emails to local MP's expressing our concerns regarding the transport of livestock over such long distances.

As part of my commitment to the campaign I was going to create 3 illustrations which when all complete the originals would be auctioned off via e-bay, with 100% of profits going towards WSPA one of the organisations behind this campaign.
This is taking a little longer than expected and I've only still managed to get one completed, the other two are on their way, I promise!
Handle with Care’ is the first of the illustrations that is completed. I’ve made cards, and prints of the illustrations which are available through Red Bubble, with 100% of profits going towards WSPA, one of the organisations behind this campaign.

To find out more about the Humane Chain visit or or

Sneak Peak...

Above is a sneak peak at the recent pieces I created for Fuel Magazine for an issue they are releasing early next year.

Fuel might not be the typical magazine that that you would expect to find my work in, however when asked to create something for this Hot Rod/Rockabilly zine I was stoaked. A few months ago I wanted to have a go at creating some 50's style pin-up stencils but never really had the reason to, until now of coarse.

So keep your eyes peeled for the issue due to be released in January/February 2010. You will be able to view it online or pick up a copy at various good bookstores.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Change In The Air

If your thinking that something has changed around here, you are right. Yesterday I reworked the colour scheme of my blog to give it more of a summery feel about it. There may be a few more small alterations made over the new few days but nothing major.

To celebrate the new look I've made available a new wallpaper 'Summer Sand' which features a photo I took when on a week away at Byron Bay in NSW, Australia. I think it makes such a beautiful reminder of those long summer days spent at the beach.

Feel free to use this image to decorate your computer desk tops with. To use simply click on the image and it will appear at full screen, right click to download.

To view all the wallpapers I have available head to

I've also altered my web buttons to match should you wish to place them on your own blogs or sites below is the html code for some of the most commonly requested ad sizes for you to use. If you do link back to my blog please let me know so I can come and visit and see your blog and maybe even return the favor.

150 x 150
<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>

200 x 100
<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Go Font UR Self* - Chapter 3 Reminder

Just a quick reminder for those in Melbourne; GO FONT UR SELF* opens this Friday at No Vacancy Gallery. It will feature a diverse range of works that use various uses of techniques employed in type design of past, present and future by a broad selection of creatives.

To read my original post about GO FONT UR SELF* head to

No Vacancy Gallery
34-40 Jane Bell Lane, QV Building, Melbourne
Opening Night: Friday 23 October 6pm - 9pm
Exhibition: Friday 23 - Sunday 30 October
Website: or
RSVP: gofontyourselfmelbourne[at]

Hints + Tips - Copyright

Lately there has been some issues around people's work and copyright, I don't know if it's just getting worse and more common or if I'm just hearing about about it more so.

I think no matter what you do, knowing at the very least the basics about copyright is a necessity. In my day-to-day work as a graphic designer I'm forever questioning the original sources of images and explaining to people why they can't just use a certain image they found via Google for a press ad.

I've two sites that are worth looking at for information on copyright and creative commons:
Creative Commons is a nonprofit corporation dedicated to making it easier for people to share and build upon the work of others, consistent with the rules of copyright.
They provide information and training about copyright in Australia. As well as producing publications, do research, and make submissions on copyright policy issues to government.
In most cases of late that I've heard of have been about artworks, which is why I recommend visiting their section Q&As on when you need copyright permission to use images

Monday, October 19, 2009


Curvy now has it's own website! Well sorta... on their holding page you can get a copy of the submission details for issue 7 for 2010, sign up to their mailing list, buy the books, check out photos from previous issues and much, much more.

To check it out head to

Lifelounge Presents - Some Type Of Wonderful 2010 Reminder

Just a quick reminder for those in Sydney; Some Type of Wonderful, a global typographic initiative conceived by Lifelounge in 2008 opens this coming Friday at China Heights Gallery.

It will showcase 13 of the best of the world’s creative talent across the realms of art, design and illustration.

To read my original post about Some Type Of Wonderful 2010 head to

China Heights Gallery
257 Crown Street, Darlinghurst
Opening Night: Friday 23 October: 6pm - 9:pm
Exhibition: Friday 23 October - Wednesday 28 October

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Introducing 3...

With all these typography exhibitions happening lately it's hard not to get caught up in all of the excitement. Here are three sites that are all about things typography related...

Friday, October 16, 2009

A Moment To Pause

Photographer: Trudi
Title: Lil Jersey Girl

Once Upon - Leeloo Exhibition

To celebrate Leeloo's 2nd birthday and their support for Australian artists Ali J, Amy Borrell, Anna Laura Blandford, Bec Winnel, Bel Johnstone, Ben Zen, Caitlin Shearer, Catherine Campbell, Chrissy Lau, Courtney Brims, Dawn Tan, Elisa Mazzone, Ellara Woodlock, Emma Kidd, Burntfeather, Jaxie Yael, Enyáj, Jessica Hyde, Jessica Klingelfuss, Jordan Clarke, Kaitlin Beckett, Kareem Rizk, Kareena Zerefos, Laura McKellar, Lucy Hope, Madelynn Holmes, Manuela Strano, Meeri Anneli, Melody Caramins, Natalie Perkins, Nicole Tattersall(Me), Nina Mary, Rebecca Murphy, Renee Anne, Sarah Barron, Sarah McNeil, Tabitha Patterson, TheRipeCollective are all busy currently creating works for Once Upon.

Each artist has been allocated their own fairy tale to interpret into four original and new artworks to exhibit. I've been given 'The Golden Goose' not to be mistaken for 'The Goose That Layed The Golden Egg', which has been a bit of fun and I'm still busily working on the final pieces.

Artworks will be available for sale, and from Friday to Sunday there will be a Leeloo “pop-up store” for the public to have a hands-on look at some of their gorgeous online goodies.

aMBUSH Gallery
2A James Street, Waterloo, NSW
Opening Night: Thursday 19 November, 6pm - 9pm
Exhibition: Thursday 19 - Sunday 22 November
Website: or
Facebook Event:

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

For Print Only

is a blog dedicated to both the visual stimulus and the detailing of the development and production of printed matter: Annual reports, books, business cards, stationery suites, collateral materials, posters, packaging and anything else where ink meets substrate.'-FPO

In my day-to-day work I create items mainly for print, though due to the retail like nature of work I don't get to create such gorgeous pieces that are shown on FPO. So I live the dream every so often by browsing through their beautiful website reading about how long a job took, who the target audience is and how much it cost.

If you love looking at well put together printed items is for you.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hints + Tips - 7 Reasons Why Designers Need to Blog

Most of the designers who read my blog more than likely have a blog of their own in some form or another, so I know that there is no need to preach to the converted. For those of you or may be thinking 'should I or shouldn't I?' I've a link for you!

Head over to and have a quick read of the reasons why you should.

Personally I like the bit right at the bottom that tells you to 'blog to reduce your stress levels'. Though do keep in mind that depending on your blog you might not want to vent everything that ticks you off.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Nice Package

Over at Creature Comforts Ez has an exciting announcement for you to read about the re-launch
of her Nice Package shop on Etsy.

To read it head over to

Saturday, October 10, 2009

How A Sewing Machine Works

I've been doing a little of bit of animated GIF work of late but its nothing compared to this one featuring how a sewing machine works from Dossier Studio.

Go Font UR Self* - Chapter 3

Peer Gallery in Sydney has invited a broad array of current international artists & designers to showcase their typography, resulting in a diverse range of works that use various uses of techniques employed in type design of past, present and future that will feature in GO FONT UR SELF*.

Fonts are used everywhere, everyday, by everyone, and so it seems the craft behind what was once a hailed art form has now been lost and somewhat taken for granted.' - GO FONT UR SELF*

Featuring Artists:
• All City Media
• Brett Stenson
• Dare Newman
• Dave The Chimp
• Eine
• Jersey Joe
• Jessica Hische
• Jumbo
• Keeparty
• Letman
• Marta Cerda
• Alimbau
• Sopp Collective
• Skael
• Seederhouse
• Steve 'ESPO' Powers

Peer Gallery is also bringing this fontastic exhibition to Melbourne and Brisbane, with a Calligraphy demo by Junko Azukawa at the Sydney and Melbourne shows.

Peer Gallery
153 Bridge Road, Glebe
Opening Night: Thursday 15 October 6pm till late
RSVP: gofontyourselfsydney[at]

No Vacancy Gallery
34-40 Jane Bell Lane, QV Building, Melbourne
Opening Night: Friday 23 October 6pm - 9pm
Exhibition: Friday 23 - Sunday 30 October
Website: or
RSVP: gofontyourselfmelbourne[at]

Nine Lives
330 Brunswick Street Mall, Fortitude Valley
Opening Night: Friday 6 November 6pm till late
RSVP: gofontyourselfbrisbane[at]

Friday, October 9, 2009

A Moment To Pause

Photographer: Catherine Day
Title: Sohui

Leon Williams - 10,000 days

Leon Williams is celebrating 10,000 days on the planet by holding his second solo exhibition featurinf refined black and white digital portraits and typography. This show will also feature light and visual installations and framed and mounted original prints.

Who is Leon Williams? A talented individual who works from a small boutique studio space based in Melbourne, Australia – Specialising in Art Direction and Visual Communication.

At Large Gallery
208 High St, Northcote, Victoria
Exhibition Opening: Wednesday 14 October, 7pm - 10pm
Exhibition: Wednesday 14 - Sunday 25 October
Website: or
Facebook Event:

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Start Of Each Month

With the start of each month I've two things I like to do:

1) Turn over to the new month on my 'Some Type Of Wonderful' 2009 calendar that resides on my wall to show the next exciting piece for the year.

2) Change my desktop background to the latest one to be downloaded from Note Maker, generally they are designed by one of my favorite stationery companies, O-check. Each month they offer a new desktop background featuring a small calendar for that month.
If you want to download or check out the one for October (pictured above) head to

'I won't be back 'til dawn' - Vexta

First I was excited that Vexta who one of the many who inspired me to do stenciling was having an exhibition at that it was on Brunswick Street which is true, but I thought it was Melbourne. Then yesterday I realised that it was in Brisbane, which I was pretty bummed about.

Though I did notice I can see the pieces online at the gallery's website which I was delighted about. If your not like me and are in Brisbane make your way along to Vexta's exhibition which offically opens this Friday night.

"Vexta's practice has been honed by wit and nimbleness, and mediated only by a desire to make images that speak of their time. Pop culture, lines from songs and mass media’s imagery accumulate in her work, and imbue it with the immediacy of life from which she draws her inspiration." - Edwina Corlette Gallery

Edwina Corlette Gallery
2/555 Brunswick St, New Farm, QLD
Opening Night: Friday 9 October, 6pm - 8pm
Exhibition: Tuesday 6 - Saturday 24 October

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Counihan Connection: Noel Counihan and Contemporary Artists

To celebrate the Gallery’s 10th Anniversary, eight contemporary artists have been invited to create artworks in response to the life and work of Noel Counihan in an exhibition curated by Edwina Bartlem titled 'The Counihan Connection'.

The eight artist involved are:
• Chris Bond, Angela Cavalieri
• George Gittoes
• William Kelly
• Kristin McFarlane
• Benjamen McKeown
• Georgia Metaxas
Satta van Daal
• Noel Counihan.

New paintings, drawings, prints and installations will be presented along side original Counihan works. The exhibition seeks to honour the contribution that Counihan made to Australian art, while exploring the continuities and ruptures between past and present.

Counihan Gallery
233 Sydney Road, Brunswick (next to Brunswick Town Hall)
Opening Night: Thursday 8 October, 6pm - 8 pm
Artist Floor Talk: Saturday 24 October, 2:30pm - 4pm
Exhibition: Thursday 8 October - Sunday 8 November

Pantone Fashion Color Report for Spring 2010

Pantone have recently released their Fashion Color Report for Spring 2010 featuring the top 10 colors for women's fashion for spring 2010. You weren't be disappoint by Pantone's colour report with the regular designer sketches, quotes and fashion tips.

To download head to

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Melbourne Stencil Festival

Last Sunday the Melbourne stencil festival came to a close. For those of you who didn't get to check it out I've some pics from the painting that was going on at the Underground in Collingwood (one of it's two locations) throughout the week of the festival.

I even did a little bit myself too, by painting 'Face & Fringe' on one of the pillars which you'll be able to check out in one of the photos below.

Artwork on canvas by Rhen

Stencil by HA - HA

'Face & Fringe' it was a challenge to paint her around the corner.



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