Monday, August 31, 2009

Perfect to the Tea

On the weekend whilst at QV I stopped into the most delightful tea shop, will wall to wall tins and draws full of different teas from green to black, flavoured to herbal and more. I've walked past Lupicia at the very least a dozen times and never been in.

Rather than looking at every single tea and getting more bewildered that what I already was I simply asked the helpful staff what they would recommend. After much sampling, smelling and looking I walked away with a 50g tins of Cherry & Peach (Green Tea with an aroma of dark American cherries) and Momo Oolong Super Grade (Oolong Tea with white peach flavour).
What I really want to rant about though is the packaging, it's simple yet elegant and I just love it. You can re-use the tins too either for you next purchase of tea or for storage of items, plus they are also stackable which means no slidding everywhere.

For more details on Lupicia or to shop online visit

Creative Women’s Circle

The next Creative Women’s Circle event to be held at Guildford Lane Galler will feature talks from not one, but two highly talented and creative women with a a short coffee/tea/Tim Tam break in the middle.

Monique McNamara from UP&UP Creative and Jessie Fairweather from the Foundry will talk about how they have started and evolved their businesses, and the pros, cons, highlights and challenges of championing a positive design cause on the world stage. For more information head to

Creative Women’s Circle happens roughly once every two months in various gallery spaces around Melbourne and is only open to women to attend. RSVP as this helps them with knowing how many chairs are needed.

Guildford Lane Gallery
20 Guildford Lane, Melbourne
Event: Saturday 12 September, 10am - 12 midday
RSVP to tess[at]

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Rebecca Murphy - My Phoenix Heart @ The Wall

This coming Wednesday the gorgeously talented Sydney based artist Rebecca Murphy is having a solo exhibition "My Phoenix Heart" at The Wall.

"I work primarily in acrylics and archival ink on paper, wood, and canvas. Influences are varied and include Art Nouveau, Ukiyo-e woodblock prints, and Pop Surrealism, though I'm excited and inspired by so many things it's difficult to just name a few. My illustrations are explorations of myself and the world around me, of desire, destruction, vulnerability, sensuality, and humour." - Rebbeca Murphy

Downstairs there will be tunes supplied by the likes of SLEATER BROCKMAN, DC-10, 16 TACOS, VIVI (Disco not Disco), EM+'B' and POCAHONTAS.

If your in Sydney and looking for something to do this coming Wednesday or just like checking out some beautiful illustrations and good music head to The Wall and The World Bar.

The Wall
The World Bar
24-26 Bayswater Road, Kings Cross
Exhibition Opening: Wednesday 2 September, 6pm onwards
Facebook Event:

Introducing 3...

These are three items that I use so often when I'm painting that I've a stash of them as I hate to run out of either the foam brushes, masking fluid and of coarse masking tape which I've got n various widths.
Foam Brushes
Masking Fluid
Masking Tape

Saturday, August 29, 2009

C-90: Side B - Mark Drew

Mark Drew (Co-owner of China Heights gallery) is having his last solo exhibition in Sydney before he flys off, taking up residency in Japan. His show ‘C-90: Side B’ will be held at the beautiful 72 Erskine Gallery.

‘C-90: Side B’ is an exhibition that will feature large scale hand painted illustrations of cassette tape spines. You may remember in late 2008 the first part of C-90, this show is the side B to it with all new works based on much loved collections of cassettes from the 1980s & 90s.

72 Erskine Gallery
72 Erskine Street, Sydney
Opening Night: Wednesday 2 September, 6pm - 8pm
Exhibition: Monday 31 August – Saturday 5 September

Friday, August 28, 2009

A Moment To Pause

Photographer: Ez (aka Creature Comforts')
Title: Summer Berries
Website: or

The Book Projects

IDPURE are putting the call out for creative people to be a part of their “The Book Projects”

You can select the project you want to be a part of :
• Doodles Project
• Once Were Posters Project
• Snapping Faces Project
• Propose a different concept for the “Book Project”

As soon as any of the projects have enough unique visuals, IDPURE will publish the book, so if you want to be in it you’d better be quick.

For more information head to

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Key(board) Desk Brush

Lately I’ve been a little key happy, have you seen the key charms at Tiffany’s? Oh how I want one, but unlike those you wear around your neck all pretty and shinny, this one has a purpose. You can hang this little key near your computer or on a keyring on your laptop bag for those moments when you need to clean your keyboard and the bonus of it is that it looks gorgeous.

For more information head to

Our Obsession Alike - James Mc Cready

Artist James Mc Cready will be gracing the wall of China Heights starting with an opening this Friday night and running until Wednesday 2 September.

China Heights Gallery
257 Crown Street, Darlinghurst
Opening Night: Friday 28 August 6.30 onwards
Exhibition: Friday 28 August - Wednesday 2 September

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Ultimate Sketch/Note Book

I've found what I think is the ultimate sketch/note book, it features 96 beautifully blank pages, 2009/10 Year-at-a-glance, 3 lined note sheets, a bonus bookmark, 2 Multi-Purpose Pockets, a durable double Wire-O binding and the blank sketch pages are acid free, manufactured with elemental chlorine free (ECF) pulp, and are SFI certified.

Loving the fact that it is more than just a sketch/note book as it offers many added extras that I know I would use. If you look into any one of the many notebooks and sketchpads I cart around in my handbag you would see pages stuck together to create bigger pages, receipts and notes shoved in between pages and of coarse a pen or marker sitting pretty in the spine.

To purchase or to view others items from 2birds press head to


Here is the last of the t-shirts that I've been designing throughout August, it features a manipulated image of one of my illustrations; a seahorse. I used a mixture of photoshop and illustrator techniques and I'm pretty excited about the result.

I've made the design available also as a print and a gift card. To either just view or purchase the t-shirt and prints head to

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Hints + Tips - Advertise

Of late I've been buying and swapping advertising and as a result I've noticed an increase in traffic. At first I thought 'should I or shouldn't I?', however after swapping some advertising spots I realised the impact that advertising has; I had more people coming to blog, leaving comments, viewing/buying my artworks and following my blog.

I've compiled three helpful posts that will be worth reading to anyone thinking about advertising, starting to advertise or currently advertise.

• Why Advertising Is Important - Think Bakery
• Biz Ladies 09: advertising 101 for small business owners - Design*Sponge
• Advertising: It’s Not You, It’s Me - Think Bakery

If you would like to advertise on my blog from as little as $10 per month visit or if you would like to trade ad spaces send me an email at nicole_a_tattersall[at]

Aida Sabic

Talented Melbourne artist Aida Sabic has spent the past few months madly painting her solo exhibition at Hogan Gallery titled 'A Collection of Portraits'.

The exhibition will feature works of the female form inspired from song lyrics and executed using various mediums; including acrylic on canvas, acrylic on wood panels and ink on watercolour paper.

Having of been to her solo show 'Senoritas' that was at Per Square Meter a little while ago and being impressed by the high quality of work I look forward to seeing some new works from this artistic little lady. Especially since she is taking on a wider selection of mediums and a more photo realistic approach compared to the more style that was shown at 'Senoritas'.
Hogan Gallery
310 Smith Street, Collingwood
Exhibition Opening: Friday 4 September, 6pm onwards
Exhibition: Tuesday 1 - Monday 14 September

Monday, August 24, 2009

Exhibitions at Karen 19 - Gold Coast

19 Karen is hosting three similar yet very different solo exhibitions and the good news is that they all open on the same night. It would be like going to three different exhibitions without having to travel between galleries.

The artists presented in these solo shows are Melissa Lujan whose works translate concepts through colour and fluid application as well as Susan Simonini and Dan Mason who both create pop like images using different context and methods to each other.
Gold Coast
19 Karen
19 Karen Avenue, Mermaid Beach, Gold Coast
Opening Night: Saturday 29 August, 6pm - 8pm
RSVP: Via Email or Phone by Thursday 27 August
Exhibition: Saturday 29 August - Saturday 19 September

So Many Broken Umbrellas - Creepy at Gorker Gallery

Western Australian street artist Creepy is coming to Melbourne, Gorker Gallery to be exact, to unleash his first solo exhibition in Melbourne that explores what it is to be an artist in an urban jungle. Works within the exhibition will be of various mediums with wall installations, canvas’s, wooden box’s, laser cut etchings and paper illustrations.
Gorker Gallery
395 Gore Street, Fitzroy
Opening Night: Thursday 27 August 2009, 6.30pm-9.30pm
Exhibition: Thursday 27 August to Sunday 13 September 2009
Open: Wednesday - Friday 3pm - 7pm, Saturday and Sunday 11am - 7pm
Cost: This is a free event
Website: or

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Introducing 3...

I'm going to do a little bit of shameless self promotion... here are 3 items that have been made recently available in my online store.

To check out more of the new items or some of the ones that are on sale visit
1.25 inch Badge - Elephant Fields
$3.50 (AUS$) + p&h

A6 Card with 100% Recycled Envelope - Pink Fawn
Matt Finish
$6 (AUS$) + p&h

Echidna 15" x 9" - Only 1 Available
Acrylic & Ink on Recycled Wood Off Cut
(Note: Due to materials only available for postage within Australia)
$60 (AUS$) + p&h


KKRAKA-BAM!! is an exhibition of artwork influenced by comic books, featuring artworks by James Bevelander (a.k.a tusk), Rachee Renee, Dave Clayton & .Line. (Perth) (a.k.a Slohe)

What better way to start a Wintery Friday Night in Melbourne, than to head down to At Large on High St, grab a plastic glass of goon and admire the newest comic- inspired works from these talented young artists from Melbourne and beyond.

“We promise a backyard fire to warm your mittens and beautiful sounds and beats coming through our stereo. Beer is cheap and company is lovely... our opening nights are now starting at 7 rather than 6 (so you have time to pamper up after work perhaps) and go on till 11pm so there’s more time to drink and look at art, before swaying onto the next bar or destination anywhere along the street or city.” - At Large Gallery

At Large Gallery
208 High St, Northcote, Victoria
Exhibition Opening: Friday 28 August, 7pm - 11pm
Exhibition: Friday 28 August to Sunday 13 September

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Black Sassy Presents...Weld Echo Exhibition

Black Sassy Presents...Weld Echo Exhibition in Melbourne an annual collaborative exhibition of art works inspired by the Weld Valley in Southern Tasmania. It is an important fundraiser for the campaign to protect the Lower Weld Valley.

Come along and enjoy some music, speakers, nibbles, drinks and coasre some great works inspired by nature.

FAD Gallery
14 Corrs Lane, Chinatown, Melbourne.
Opening Night: Wednesday 26 August, 6pm - 9pm
Exhibition: Wednesday 26 August to Tuesday 15 September

Drew Funk - Elevation not Levitation

The boys at Oh Really are at it again with what promises to be an amazing exhibition with Melbourne based artist Drew Funk.

In true style of this talented artist you can expect to see works that are
a playful mix of cultures, full of mythical creatures, bonsai and contemporary symbology.


Oh Really Gallery
55 Enmore Road, Newtown
Opening Night: Thursday 27 August, 6pm onwards
Exhibition: Thursday 27 August until they pack it down.
Website: or

Friday, August 21, 2009

A Moment To Pause

Photographer: Livy (aka Natural Historie)
Title: Santa Monica

Caitlin Rigby - Wintering

The talented Caitlin Rigby has a solo show that opens tonight at 696 in Brunswick. She has been very busy of late as I've seen her works in numerous shows from the Curvy Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne launches, exhibitions at Famous When Dead and the recent Freshly Baked.
If you are equally as busy and can't make it to the opening don't fear, as her works will up until Sunday 30 August.


696 Sydney Road, Brunswick
Opening Night: Friday 21 August, 6pm - 9pm
Exhibition: Wednesday 19 August - Sunday 30 August

'Animal Totems' by Michael Hawkins

'Animal Totems' represents a subconscious exploration of animal mysticism through works crated by artist Michael Hawkins. The exhibition has been open since Wednesday however the opening is tonight, so if your looking for something to do head on down to view the kitsch cultural preferences of how Michael Hawkins presents his works.


Per Square Meter Gallery
191-193 Johnston Street, Collingwood
Opening Night: Friday 21 August, 6pm - 9pm
Exhibition: Wednesday 19 to Sunday 30 August
Cost: Free Admission

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Here is the third of my t-shirts I've set to design for the month of August. This week my design is of a butterfly with some big dots, designed using both illustrator and photoshop.

I thought it was time for something a little more delicate and pretty, what could be more suitable than a butterfly. Creating a lace like effect in photoshop was in my mind the icing on the cup cake to make this design more delicate.

I've made the design available also as a print and a gift card. To check the t-shirt and prints out or to purchase them visit

One more week left of August which means that I've one more design to create as part of my self set goal. Stay tuned for the last of the designs next week!

Last call for Zine Entries - Forth Thread

Forth Thread is calling out for Zine submissions, however be quick as you only have until the 24 August to submit. Visit for more information.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hints + Tips - Less Waste

Just in time for Keep Australia Beautiful Week I’ve looked at ways to create less waste and to lower my impact on the environment. My first step was looking at three areas/habits in my life that there was excess waste being produced, followed by how to combat them and then seeing if the solutions work.
• Water Bottles
For over a week I've made sure I've been using my hip flask shaped bottle by Fluid Fashion and haven’t bought a single bottle of water. It is handy having the water bottle in my handbag and by doing so has also saved me a small amount of money. The thing I like about the bottle by Fluid Fashion is that it is small and streamlined and doesn’t weigh my bag down or take up too much space.
Though it doesn’t fit into a standard cup holder, which is a little frustrating when in the car and at the gym, however by using the handy clip I clip it onto the side of the holders and it solves the problem.
• Takeaway Coffee Cups
Since purchasing myself a Keep Cup I’ve not used a single take-away coffee cup! Though I’am still trying to work out how exactly to explain to the person behind the counter in the brief moment I order my latte how to use the cup. Anyone have any advice?
I love the fact that I can throw it in my bag after use without it leaking and is easy to wash to use another day.

• Food Containers
I’ve been taking home the containers my take away lunch comes in and washing them out to re-use the following day. This hasn’t worked to well, as I’ve managed to acquire 2 more containers and throw out 1 during the past 2 weeks. The problem is that unless I know what I’m going to get I have to take both sizes of the containers with me and sometimes I forget.
I’m not going to be giving up on this though, and in the worse case where I’ve more containers than what I know what do to with, I can use them to store my art supplies.

What steps are you taking to reduce your waste? Have you tried any of the methods/products that I’m using? If so, how did/do you find using them?

Don’t forget that Keep Australia Beautiful Week runs Monday 24 - Sunday 30 August to find out more or to find what you can do to reduce your waste visit

Monday, August 17, 2009

Thank You Alannah Hill

This morning I woke to discover some great news in my inbox from PETA; Australian fashion designer Alannah Hill has agreed to stop using rabbit fur in her collections.

On behalf of little fluffy bunnies everywhere, thank you Alannah!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Introducing 3...

With Spring knocking on the door how could I resist not posting these gorgeous pictures that bring back child hood memories of the passing of wintery cold days to let in those which are much more warmer sunny.

These are from artists on Red Bubble and can be purchased as prints and cards to share or to keep.

Friday, August 14, 2009

A Moment To Pause

Photographer: Helen (aka Tartelette)
Title: Reaching...
Model: Helen
Discription: Helen in her own Pj's

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Pretty Invitations

Whilst looking around the world wide web for some invitation ideas as I've been asked to design some for a 21st I came across these beautiful designs that are just so adorable.



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