Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Hints + Tips - What To Post About?

At times I myself hit hurdles and have no clue what I should post about, especially this time of year when the gallery scene comes to a bit of a stand still and there are no exhibitions on. Everyone on the artist social circuit goes into some type of summer hibernation.

Here are 5 helpful tips that I use in getting those creative juices flowing and being able to create some content for my blog...

1. Seasons and Celebrations
Most recently we've had Christmas, it's also summer and we've Australia Day coming up here in Australia. These are all things you can base a post around, whether it be what's on in your own city/town, what to wear, gifts, table settings, cards, crafts, artwork in relation ect. the list can go on-and-on.

2. What have I done?
You may of been on a day trip or maybe even went away on holidays for a few days. Now you don't don't need to tell every single detail, but this maybe something that your readers maybe be interested in checking out themselves.
An example of this is that you may of gone into the city and only spent $20 per person and seen a whole stack of things, or maybe a the super cute B&B you stayed at served the best breakfast you've ever had.

3. I like
Did you see a movie, go to a restaurant, check out an exhibition, see something in a shop... anything you like/d you can blog about. It's so simple, what better than to write about stuff you like!

4. Help!
Every now and then people need advice; like this post you too could write helpful tips that you think you readers maybe interested in, or you may want to put a call out because you need some much needed help!

5. Have I learned something of late?
Was there something lately that you have learned and think others will also gain knowledge from knowing it too. For me, in the past I've done posts about company's that don't test their products on animals. This is information that I use on a day-to-day basis and felt that others could benefit from knowing it too.

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