Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Hints + Tips - Top 10 DIY Accounting Tips

Over at Think Bakery Holly Neitzel an accounting writer has complied together some useful advice covering the the following in relation to accounting:

• Know the very basic.
• Separate your business funds from your personal funds.
• Downloading detail is your friend.
• Keep your paper (and computer files) organized.
• Accounting software: Start simple…& free.
• Use the Schedule C as a guide for your expense categories.
• Reconcile your accounts.
• Don’t do your bookkeeping FOR the IRS.
• When in doubt, research the answer.
• Review and use.

Whether you run your own small business or just like to keep ontop of things there is a little something in this post for everyone. To read it for yourself head on over to www.thinkbakery.com/top-10-diy-accounting-tips

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