Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Hints + Tips - Ways to Save Money on Art and Craft

I'm in the middle of trying to save some money, time and space in relation to my art supplies, here are 5 simple and easy tips that I find very handy in doing just that.

1. Have a look at what you have

Before going out and buying a pile of new supplies have a look at what you've already got. You might find that you have what you need, or that even though your not going to be using red paint for your next project that you need more.
By being organised and doing fewer trips to the store means that not only will you save money but also time.

2. Ask for craft supplies as gifts
When it comes to Birthdays and Christmas and I'm asked what I would like, I tell them if I need something in particular such as some acrylic paints. Make sure you also tell them what brand you use as this will make it easier for the person buying the gift.

3. Trade with friends
Most creatives know other creatives, and most creatives have bought or have craft supplies they no longer use or need. Swapping is a great way to get rid of some unused supplies and to get something that you will use or need.

4. Share/Borrow/Lend
When I need to photograph my works and use lighting I borrow lights from friends of mine who already have them. I only need to use these lights once every 6 months if that, this not only saves me money but space as well.

5. Discounts
Almost every store these days has some sort of store card to offer and art stores are no different. Also join their mailing lists as they will notify you of when they have a sale or discounts on certain stock. Some brands/stores may also have a factory outlet.

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