Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Hints + Tips - Finding Inspiration In Films

Recently I've been going to see a few movies and just the other week I saw one that made me think about my creative process from another perspective. This got me thinking about other films and how they've also inspired me in different ways.

I believe that there a certain categories in which a film can inspire you however most fall into more than one:
Purpose/Reason: you may be working on a piece about a certain story line or time in history and you watch films about it as part of your research.
Style: the way a film is styled, shot (composed) or the general feel of it and the impact it has on your own style.
Information: the look and feel of the film isn't what inspires you it's the content and information that is offered in the film, this is generally documentary films however this can apply to fictional films too.
Other: pretty much the category that doesn't fit into any of the above

Some films that I've seen of late that fit into these categories are:
Purpose/Reason: 1985 Alice In Wonderland/Alice Through The Looking Glass
I was working on some illustrations for some fabric yardage (which has now been put aside)based on Alice in Wonderland. I was cross referencing the notes I took from original Lewis Carroll story with the film to help highlight key parts of the novel.

Style: James and the Giant Peach
I get told often that my watercolours and characters of 'is it Jack or is it Jill?' remind them of a cross between Tim Burton and Dr. Seuss. Honestly I can say that this is not on purpose but is quite possibly an accident as I love both their styles and even though Tim Burton only produced 'James and the Giant Peach' it is one of the closest films I've come across should of Tim Burton and Dr. Seuss made a film together. Which isn't why I watched it, but more why I like the style of it.

Information: It Might Get Loud
This is the film I was talking about that made me think about my creative process from another perspective. Listening to Jack White, Jimmy Page and The Edge talk about their creative process to their guitar playing and how they create what they do, over come lows and enjoy the highs, made me contemplate my own creative process and approach.

Other: Pan's Labyrinth
I highly enjoy the orginal contex of fairytales with their happy endings and gore, this is a spanish fairytale and they have not sugar coated it at all. There is something about the creatures, storyline, time in history, general feel and the darkness that makes me want to grab for a pencil and paper every time I watch it.

I think that inspiraton is everywhere and with today's wide access to information I think it is a fair call that no matter who you are films can be inspiring. If people can blame them for shootings and the like why not give them credit for giving artists and other creatives inspiration.

What films inspire your works/style and why?

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