Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hints & Tips - Nerves

Twice during last weekend I got stuck with a bad case of the nerves, which is very odd for me. I don't think I've had so many butterflies in my stomach since when I was competing in swimming and lifesaving, which was a good 7 years ago.

The first instance was when I was standing infront of a canvas that I had already put the base colour on. I don't know what came over me, it was like I became intimated by the canvas all of a sudden. Then on Sunday I was getting all nervous about painting infront of people at a fund raiser for the Baby Tree Foundation, which is something I've not done since April. Though what got to me most was the fact the other artist painting was the brilliantly talented Drewfunk.

So how did I over come them? For the first issue I took a deep breath used the time I spent masking off areas to calm down and focus. Someone I was speaking to about this recommend that the best way to deal with an intimating canvas is to show it whose boss and put that first mark on it.
With painting alongside an artist like Drewfunk I was starting to get a bit nervous a few weeks prior and had spoken to someone about this. This person told me that a very well known Melbourne Street artist also was nervous about painting with someone who is even better known. Knowing that it happens to all of us it helped ease the butterflies. When I started to paint I took my time in preparation talked with the crowd and kept thinking of positive things that people over the past few years have told me about my work. I also had a plan and knew what I wanted to paint before getting to the space.

How do you overcome a bad case of the nerves?

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