Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Hints + Tips - Follow-up For A Sale

Only recently was I at a market and made an enquiry about getting a particular type of necklace from a stall. They had none with them but I could order one as they had some in the studio.

I was given a business card and emailed them with my request as there was no contact number. I waited a few days and sent a follow-up as I hadn't heard from them and still to this day I have not heard from them.

This was a very easy transaction there was nothing difficult about it, I wanted their product, they had it and yet due to them not replying my two emails they had lost a sale and potential future sales from me.

I know myself a couple of times I've written details down on scraps of paper only to never to find it again to contact the potential buyer or on the other hand gone beyond expectations to try to obtain a sale only to latter be shut down at the final step. I'm sure we all have these issues at times.
Which is why when I read 'biz ladies 09: the fortune in the follow up' over on Design*Sponge I knew I had to share it.

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