Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Hints + Tips - Pretty As A Picture

A few weeks ago I was talking to a male friend of mine about cleaning up some recycled items that I'll be painting in the coming months. I was using mentholated sprits to remove some very stubborn wax, he made the comment 'make sure you wear gloves otherwise you'll old man hands'. This got me thinking about what small things you can when being creative that will prevent harmful effects by some of the chemicals and methods that we use and keep you looking as pretty as a picture.
1. Mask/Dust Mask - When spray painting, sanding or anything that involves particles in the air I wear a mask. You don't want all those nasties entering your lungs and causing problems latter on down the track. Make sure you buy the correct mask for the job, a white dust mask will only protect you from dust not fumes, speak with the helpful staff at your local hardware shop or head into a safety gear supply shop.

2. Gloves - I love gloves! Saves me having to use additional chemicals to remove spraypaint/paint from my hands, keeping them nice and clean and protects me from the harm caused by using chemicals such as mentholated spirits and the propellants in aerosol cans.
You can use fabric gloves, dish washing gloves or throw away rubber gloves. I use the throw away rubber ones as I find that they somethings get all sticky with the spray paints, I can just throw them out and put on a new pair.

3. Hand Cream - When I was life guarding and swim teaching Hemp Hand Cream by the Body Shop was my savior, prevented dry hands, cracked nails and premature aging of my hands. I now use a hand creams by Natio as I don't need something so powerful on a daily basis anymore, but when my hands need a good dose I smoother then with Paw Paw ointment.
Using a barrier cream such as sorblene before painting will help, though do be careful when touching and picking up things if your not wearing gloves.

4. Cleansers - After working hard with spraypaint, dust and other such items, I give my face a really good clean, followed by using a toner and finishing of with a generous amount of moisturising cream.

When using chemicals and other dangerous items make sure you read the safety advice.

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