Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hints + Tips - Less Waste

Just in time for Keep Australia Beautiful Week I’ve looked at ways to create less waste and to lower my impact on the environment. My first step was looking at three areas/habits in my life that there was excess waste being produced, followed by how to combat them and then seeing if the solutions work.
• Water Bottles
For over a week I've made sure I've been using my hip flask shaped bottle by Fluid Fashion and haven’t bought a single bottle of water. It is handy having the water bottle in my handbag and by doing so has also saved me a small amount of money. The thing I like about the bottle by Fluid Fashion is that it is small and streamlined and doesn’t weigh my bag down or take up too much space.
Though it doesn’t fit into a standard cup holder, which is a little frustrating when in the car and at the gym, however by using the handy clip I clip it onto the side of the holders and it solves the problem.
• Takeaway Coffee Cups
Since purchasing myself a Keep Cup I’ve not used a single take-away coffee cup! Though I’am still trying to work out how exactly to explain to the person behind the counter in the brief moment I order my latte how to use the cup. Anyone have any advice?
I love the fact that I can throw it in my bag after use without it leaking and is easy to wash to use another day.

• Food Containers
I’ve been taking home the containers my take away lunch comes in and washing them out to re-use the following day. This hasn’t worked to well, as I’ve managed to acquire 2 more containers and throw out 1 during the past 2 weeks. The problem is that unless I know what I’m going to get I have to take both sizes of the containers with me and sometimes I forget.
I’m not going to be giving up on this though, and in the worse case where I’ve more containers than what I know what do to with, I can use them to store my art supplies.

What steps are you taking to reduce your waste? Have you tried any of the methods/products that I’m using? If so, how did/do you find using them?

Don’t forget that Keep Australia Beautiful Week runs Monday 24 - Sunday 30 August to find out more or to find what you can do to reduce your waste visit www.kab.org.au


  1. You are a very groovy Chick :)
    Thanks for your inspiration and encouragement for all of us to do our bit for beautiful Mother Earth.

  2. I like the keep cup, even if you just use it for work...

  3. hey nicole, great work on introducing new waste-reducing methods into your daily life... i find it's an easy transition that way! if i know i'm going to be out and about between meals i try and bring a snack in a tupperware container (like nuts or biscuits)... it means i'm not randomly buying something to eat on the run and creating extra packaging waste. i also bring those plastic fruit/veg bags with me to the supermarket (along with my green bags), so i don't end up brining home more and more :)




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