Saturday, July 11, 2009

Peppermint Magazine and My Photo

Eeek!... I’m in issue 3! Now I could just say that I got home and saw a parcel for me which contained the latest issue of Peppermint and oh how excited I was to see my submission come second in there Art Eco Comp... though now that would be a lie a huge lie of that!

I have to take you all the way back to a few days prior (before I found out) where on Twitter I re-tweeted that you could subscribe to Peppermint for just $40, Peppermint Magazine then twittered me saying thank you and told me that I should get a copy of issue 3 as not to miss the EcoArt Comp. I just passed this off as a selling method, however it did dawn on me that I love the mag, so hey why not. Off I went on my way through the internet and bought my very own subscription to this lovely magazine.
We now fast forward to Tuesday; in my haste of getting everything ready for the Melbourne Curvy launch I needed to get some plate stands, in my lunch break I headed to the shops only to discover I had left my wallet at home. Luckily for me home is 10 min down the road, after dealing with people trying to stop in the middle of an intersection on a green light for no apparent reason I made it and on my arrival noticed the daily post sticking out of the mail box, junk, junk, bill... big envelope. Inside the big envelope was my issue 3 of Peppermint Magazine, still curious about the message via twitter I flicked to the art section and to my surprise there was my photo on a full page staring right back at be. Turns out I came second as part of ‘Every Drop Counts’. This resulted in me running through the house to show my sister, who at first thought I must of hit or run over something.
The photo was taken at a most beautiful beach location in South Gippsland whilst checking out the many wonderful rock pools. Which beach? That’s a secret!

Compared to where some of my works have been featured you may be thinking how is this different. Well, it’s my first published photograph and the first time I’ve submitted or shown any of my photography other than the happy snaps on my blog and other similar sites eg. flickr, facebook. To me this is just a hobby.

To find out more about Peppermint Magazine visit -


  1. wow its a love heart!! what a pretty thing to find.
    congrats on 2nd!

  2. Yep! I thought it was so cute when I saw it. Thank you!

  3. Cool, anywhere near Eagles Nest???

  4. Could be numerous locations along that coastline.




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