Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hints + Tips - Asking for Sponsorship

I’m about to embark on another ‘will you sponsor my event’ campaign, the last time I did this was for Street Art For Ashes earlier this year in February/March and I also learned and practiced alot of it when I was studying Events Management a few years ago. Even though I could say ‘hey I know how it’s done’ I thought it was perfect timing to do some reading and brush up on my knowledge of what is generally expected/required by the person/company that I’am asking sponsorship from.

In my hunt for some up to date information I came across a ‘Ask for sponsorship’ on the Art Biz Blog. It is a very basic and simple outline of how to apply for sponsorship and can be viewed at www.artbizblog.com/2009/06/sponsors.html I thought that this was well worth sharing as there are many people I know taking on the same challenge for own events.

To add to the advice on Art Biz Blog I’ve a few additional bits of advice that are also worth noting:

• Only have one sponsor in any industry unless of coarse both parties are aware and are okay with it. eg. you wouldn’t have two car companies such as Ford and Holden sponsoring the same event.

• Give as much notice as possible, 6 months is a good general rule but sometimes I know this is not possible. Just be aware that some larger companies require 6 to 12 months notice or have a yearly closing date for applications and this maybe why they say no.

• Compile a list of who you want to approach and work down it in order of preference. Your list should have companies or persons who would be able to gain something from the type people who will attend your event. Such as if you were an illustrator you may approach an art supply company as there will be people who attend your event that are also illustrators or artists.

• It is better to approach eight sponsors for $100 each than approach two looking for $400 each as those you approach are more likely to say yes.


  1. Good hints & tips!!! Sometimes people need reminding of those sort of things! :-)

  2. Nicole: I'm glad you found the article helpful. Your additions are great! One thing I would say about your last item is that some people just want sole billing. Kind of like the teams at the Tour de France. The big sponsors get their names on the team and the others get tiny letters on the sides or sleeves of the cycling jerseys. So if you have opportunity for a big sponsor, ask them first. Less work for you, too.

    Break a leg!

  3. Hi Alyson, thank you for liking my additions. In regards to the last item I understand that with with bigger events that a tiered sponsorship format is more suitable. However for young Artist/footballer/racecar driver and the current economic climate that a lot of clubs and people are approaching more sponsors and asking less of them. Some are even asking for a flat amount and then those that are in get drawn into ranking, kind of like a raffle.




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