Friday, June 26, 2009

Humane Chain and Handle With Care - Update 1

You may recall a little while ago I posted about the campaign against the transport of livestock to the Middle East (click here for the post), the campaign is being driven by Handle with Care and the Humane Chain. I mentioned that I was going to be doing something to help with their plight; it’s via a small collection of illustrations that I plan to help promote the campaign. It is my hope that each illustration will start conversation about the cruelty that sheep and other live stock undertake as they are transported across oceans to the Middle East. Without people knowing about what is happening there can be no change, this is the first step towards finding a better solution.
Handle with Care’ is the first of the illustrations. For this piece I wanted to try something a little different so I’ve challenged myself by using only coloured pencils, charcoal and graphite. To be honest I’m quite happy with the result and thinking of doing more pieces utilising these mediums.

I’ve made available cards, prints and t-shirts of the illustrations through Red Bubble with 100% of profits going towards WSPA one of the organisations behind this campaign. When all the illustrations are complete I’ll be auctioning off the originals via e-bay.

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