Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Hints & Tips - Keeping Motivated

It dawned on me the other day that I hadn’t painted, created an illustration or even cut a new stencil for a while except for the Per Square Meter Round Up. In the hall a half painted canvas stares at me every day, I’ve a folder of images waiting to become stencils, primed canvases sitting in the garage waiting to be painted and note books full of ideas.

Hence maybe I’m not the one to be offering advice on this; however on thinking about how to get off my arse and start putting action to thought, I’ve come up with some ways I think may just work.

1. Set a time
Each night set a side an allotted time to be creative. This depends alot on what it is you are working on and the conditions; for me I paint outside and in the current cold weather things take a while to dry, so I can’t quickly move onto the next step. Stages of painting need to be stretched out a bit so I may do slots of time rather than one whole slab.
This method has worked well for me in the past as I like to be organised with my time and can plan out for when a painting or illustration will be completed by. Especially helpful when leading up to a show.

2. For fun
Get a few friends in a studio with some beer/wine/tea (depending on your taste) and just do what you do for a day/afternoon/evening.

3. Have a goal
Maybe you just want to ad a new piece to your online shop, there is an exhibition coming up or it’s a gift for a friend. Deadlines can be a huge motivator and procrastination is it’s worst nightmare. Some self discipline is highly required with this one to prevent a stress out the night before.
Creating a time line will help you out with having everything ready by your deadline, but don’t forget to allow some extra time for just incase.

How do you get yourself motivated to be creative?

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