Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Hints + Tips - Five Tiny Things You Can Do Today To Improve Your Online Business

1. Online Business Card
Make sure your email signature has links to your online shop, website, blog and whatever else you wish to promote. If you don’t have one yet create one now, as this works as your online business card. I’ve some friends who I thought knew I had a blog and turns out it wasn’t until I sent them a quick hello email with my signature that they then knew about it.
To give you some inspiration here is a quick screen grab of what my email signature looks like:

2. It’s in the email
Start a mailing list, I use Bravenet (www.bravenet.com) to compile my mailing list online, and when at markets or something similar I’ve sheet for people to fill out. I send out a monthly email including a freebie/discount, what’s happening exhibition wise, exciting news, thank you’s and anything else I think maybe of interest, keeping it simple none the less.

3. Look At Me!
Twitter/Myspace/Facebook update your stauts with something new or recent you may of created or posted.

4. Make a list and check it twice!
Set your self a small list of goals/to do list of things that you feel you need to get done/achieve. For example it maybe get new business cards or order more, make a sale, clean your computer desktop or even something as simple as getting a certain number of hits on your blog.
I use ‘Stickies’ on my desktop or my i-cal however if you want make your list on a bit of paper and stick it somewhere you’ll see it regulary do so. Just don’t forget to take it down when everything is done and do a happy dance.

5. Bookmark it!
Find yourself 3 or so blogs/websites that you feel offer valid advice that will benifit you and read them on a weekly basis for new and uselful tips.

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