Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Hints + Tips - How to Price Your Artwork

Last week in preparation to Random Collective 2009 and last night when at Per Square Meter for Round Up; a common question was asked “How much should I price this at?” I still ask this question on a regular basis, though now I’m getting confident in pricing my works and when preparing for an exhibition I send my boyfriend a copy of the price list and he makes any changes he sees appropriate.

To help everyone else out I’ve come across a short article that offers 7 Ways to Price a Painting (Depending on Your Personality) which covers these seven different approaches to pricing art work:
1. The Simple Approach
2. The Accountant’s Approach
3. The Capitalist Approach
4. A Mathematical Approach
5. The Collector’s Approach
6. The Creative Director Approach
7. An Instinctive Approach

To read this helpful article visit www.painting.about.com/od/careerdevelopment/tp/ways-price-painting.htm

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