Friday, June 12, 2009

Humane Chain and Handle With Care

Animal cruelty is something that I'm so very much against, so when I got a call from WSPA (one of the organisations involved) about spreading the word about Handle With Care and the Humane Chain how could I say no.
You'll be hearing more about what I'm doing to help with their plight over the next few weeks; until then here is some information on what these programs are about and how you can get your voice heard about the long distance live transportation of animals.

What is Handle With Care?
It's a campaign to about the cruelty of long distance transport of animals, this is mainly Sheep and Cows, who get transported across country sides and ocean to the other side of the globe to the Middle East.
I've been on long distance flights as I'm sure you may of too, economy can be pretty tough, though nothing compared to what these animals have to endure. Poorly lit and cramped conditions, they are at risk of injury, heat stress and disease. With many starving due to stress or because they fail to recognise unfamiliar pellets as food. Then if they are lucky and are still alive when arriving in the Middle East they are often exposed to appalling handling and slaughter techniques that would neither be legal nor tolerated in Australia.
To find out more visit

How Does the Humane Chain Help?
Just like I have you can write a letter/email to your local MP about how you feel about these current practices and join the Humane Chain at
Handle With Care are working to start at a ground level to implement alternative and more humane methods, by inviting those apposed to write to their local MP about why they want to see a change to the current methods.
By becoming part of the Humane Chain, you show you care by raising your hand and becoming one of many to appose this cruelty and unite as a nation.
Both of these actions will *fingers crossed* gain the Australian Governments attention and hopefully we will see a change which will prevent the needless deaths of tens of thousands of animals a year en route.

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