Sunday, May 24, 2009

Random Collective 2009

I'm so proud to be curating the second Random Collective at Mushroom Crafts in Leongatha this year! I started the concept in 2008 with the first Random Collective held in Wonthaggi which featured artists from around the globe. The goal of Random Collective is about taking a wide variety of styles of artworks to the people in regional towns who may of only seen works like this via the internet or on the odd trip to the city.

For 2009 as the space is more intermit I'm taking works by a select group of some well known and not so well known faces in the Melbourne art scene. Those coming on this country road trip are Alice McKellar, Kate Brownlee, Kate Lightfoot, Laura McKellar, Leeana Edwards, Megan Dell, Rhen, Snookie, Meredith Earls and myself (Nicole Tattersall)

Some odd details to note about the artists:
• Alice McKellar, Kate Lightfoot, Laura McKellar, myself (Nicole Tattersall) and Meredith Earls have been shown in the recent editions of Curvy brought out by YEN magazine.
• Alice McKellar and Leeana Edwards currently both excel in textile based courses.
• Megan Dell and Rhen have both had works shown at the Melbourne Stencil Festival.
• Snookie, is active in the Melbourne art scene teaching youths how to be creative.
• Kate Brownlee, from the UK, but currently resides in Melbourne; her works are a mix between stencil and abstract.
• Meredith Earls creates enchanting and wondrous pieces of illustration and graphic design.
• Rhen is the token male in the exhibition.
• Kate Lightfoot claims in an interview to of been able to catch piegons with her hands.

I'm also very lucky that we have the support of We Make Stuff Good ( and No Vacancy Gallery ( in Melbourne.

Mushroom Crafts
40 Bair Street Leongatha (South Gippsland), Victoria
Exhibition Opening: Saturday 30 May, 2pm – 4pm
Exhibition: Saturday 30 May – Saturday 27 June 2009


  1. Yep - to my mother's utter dismay, I was a pigeon catching pro in my younger years. :)

  2. I still want to see if you can still do it!





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