Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Hints + Tips - Recycling Whilst Being Creative

1. Glass Containers
I love to use these for a varied selection of things:
• contain a painting mix that I've made by mixing different colours
• washing and storing brushes in
• keeping odds and ends such as buttons

2. Newspapers/Scrap Paper
Sheets of paper make an excellent drop sheet to work on and keep your area neat and tidy. With stenciling I also sometimes use it for masking off areas and with thicker paper/card they can be used for making stencils.

3. Tins
Pretty similar to the use of glass jars; I use them for small bits and pieces such as buttons, ribbon and the blades for my scalpel. Much better suited for smaller items.

4. Rags/Old Clothes
These are generally from my old flannelet Pj's, I use them to:
• smear a wash like colour over my paintings
• cleaning brushes
• wrapping fragile small pieces
• cleaning up (wiping benches)
With bigger pieces of fabric such as old curtains these can become excellent drop sheets.

5. Boxes
I hoard so many of these, why? Well I post a far amount of my work so it's handy to have to have some around, and to use when posting other things too. You can also use them to protect your work from damage; when wrapping a painting I cut a square of card that fits over the front.
You can also use the card to mask off areas when stenciling or for your stencil.

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