Saturday, May 30, 2009

Giveaway - Nicole Tattersall

Since no-one last week was keen to enter I'll repeat the offer and give everyone a second chance to win an online gift pack containing a $10 gift voucher for my online shop that is valid for 3months, a Second Class Side Ad: 202 px x 202 px that is valued at $10 per month (AUS$) and an interview! All you have to do to enter is join my mailing list via the above form on the left hand side of the page!

As I'll be away next weekend this giveaway will be open for 2 weeks, with all entries to be received by Friday 13 June 2009, 10pm

What a great way to treat yourself and to get some free promotion for what ever it is that you do whether it be simply blogging or photography.

Here’s how you can enter:
- Join the mailing list by completing the form in the top left hand corner. If your already on the mailing list just leave a comment below with your name and last initial.
- It will be drawn via
- All entries are to be received by Friday 13 June 2009, 10pm
- Winners will be announced on Saturday 14 June 2009


  1. i just joined the mailing list! : ]

  2. Just signed up! Too bad I missed it the first time around!! Thanks for doing it again.

  3. Thank you Katy and Bianca!

    Just a quick reminder make sure you confirm your subscription to the mailing list! Other wise your not yet on it and cannot be put into the draw.


  4. I joined your mailing list! I'll try to invite my friends to enter.

    aikychien at yahoo dot com

  5. Aik invited me to join, so here I am! Good luck with your giveaway!


  6. Hi, I'm Snow, and this is my first visit. My friend Aik referred me to enter this contest. So, I joined your mailing list! ^^

    Snow -

  7. I tweeted here:

    Just trying to help. =)

    Is this giveaway open worldwide? If yes, then I can put a link on my blog.

  8. Niceto meet you Nicole - we just signed up for your mailing list. Great idea for a contest, btw!




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