Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Hints + Tips - Get Inspired At A Gallery

1. Where
It doesn’t really matter on where you go it could be a feature exhibit at a national gallery or a local exhibition by artists in your area. It’s really up to you, what you want to see, where you can get to, how much time you have and other factors that can influence your decision.
You also maybe traveling through a little country town and spy a small gallery that is worth checking out or aimlessly wandering through laneways and stumble upon an amazing space filled with works.

2. To Take Note
Most Galleries will let you take notes, so make sure you’ve a note book full of spare pages and something to write with. Take note of artists works you like and the details of the pieces that catch your eye. You may also like to do a rough sketch of the piece or take down other relevant notes/ideas. eg. use charcoal and water colour together for a darker look.

3. Snap
You may be allowed to take photos, however do ask first. Some galleries allow you to do so in certain rooms. I like to take a photo of the tag with all the details and then one of the piece. This way I’ve a record of the details of the piece should I wish to look up more about the artsist or piece at a latter date.

4. Shop
Make sure you take some spare cash with you, depending on the gallery you can pick up anything depending on your budget from a piece of art to continually inspire you, or a book featuring a feature exhibition you may of checked out.

5. Create
Once home and you’ve a good chunk of time available, browse through your notes, photos and the things you may have bought and create a piece using either just one or maybe more ideas you’ve gathered.


  1. these tips are great. As stupid as it sounds, I've never even thought to take notes whilst in a gallery or something. x

  2. Your welcome, happy note taking!





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