Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Hints + Tips - Fighting The Winter Blues

1. Flowers
It’s lovely to receive a bunch of flowers from a loved one. However there is nothing wrong with spoiling yourself and either creating a beautiful bunch from your garden or grabbing a some from the local florist on your way home from the shops. They smell delightful and will brighten up your space.

2. Rub-a-dub-dub
For me there is nothing better than spending a day in the outdoors and coming home, running the bath and soaking myself in the warm water for an hour or so, whilst listening to some of my favorite music. It’s just lovely to soak away all the aches and pains and becoming toastie warm, then curling up in my favorite track suit pants and hoodie.

3. Light it up
Over winter, I’m not a huge fan of cranking the heater right up and I’m lucky that my space is very small. When I want to just take the chill out of the air I light a few candles. The glow and flicking of the flame also offers a warm and homy feel to the space.

4. Colour
Wear something bright and colourful, maybe a summer dress with boots and a winter coat, or paint your nails lime green. Colour can be very uplifting and make you feel a little more cheerful. There are people who will tell you this colour does this and that, and they are right, but nothing can make you feel better than your favorite colour. My favorite colours right now are pinks and greens, but sadly I don’t own much green.

5. Away we go...
I’m not talking about flying to a warmer climate, but if you can why not. I’m talking about just getting away and doing something out of the norm whether it be heading to a farmers market, visiting an auntie, touring some wineries or if your like me going for a surf (yes, I still surf over winter).
Just getting out and about and doing something will get you moving, feeling happy and hopefully also be inspiring.


  1. Some great tips! I'm a bit apprehensive about winter approaching this year - it seemed to go on forever last year! Hopefully this year won't seem so bad!

  2. Your welcome Jade, fingers crossed you don't suffer from any winter blues!





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