Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Christopher Day - ‘After the Breadcrumbs’

“ ‘When the children woke in the dark night they found that the trail of crumbs had been eaten by the forest and they headed off in search of their lost home. They came upon a sugar-coated house. They were starving kids, abandoned to the wilds, and here was an edible dream, the answer to their prayers. And here was a mother figure welcoming them, luring them in.

Randomness can be terrifying. Surfaces can lie and melt away.

The unfamiliar resides in the dusty corners of the known, the trimmed comforting edges of the real world.

Beware: Starving eyes can’t see beyond sugar-coated walls.

Pebbles, breadcrumbs, Ariadne’s thread. The innocuous pot plant in the corner. The alluring peach held by a mysterious figure. All the signs pointing the way are pointless. Never trust the obvious. Photographs are just surfaces after all. The superficial once ruled and now can’t sing for shit. The promised land is a furphy. Put your trust in the everyday at your peril. It might turn up one day abandoned in a field, burnt out and flipped over.
” - Utopian Slumps
Utopian Slumps
25 Easey Street, Collingwood
Opening Night: Friday 17 April, 6pm - 9pm
Exhibition: Friday 17 April - Saturday 2 May
Opening Times: Thursday - Saturday 12pm - 6pm
Website: www.utopianslumps.org

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