Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Interesting Or Not So Interesting With Snookie

Q. Snookie, we've exhibited together and live painted together, now I think it's time to interview you for 'interesting or not so interesting'. Are you up for it? Which category do you think you fall into - interesting or not so interesting? Reasons?
A. I'm up for it! Hmmm.... I would say I'm interesting probably because I am a complex person who has many interests, hobbies and has lived a colourful life. In my life I have taken many risks, experimented and experienced a lot of interesting things. It's been an exciting life so far!

Q. Which artists works do you admire most?
A. There's so many out there I love including artists of varying mediums including fashion, video art, photography, illustration and fine art. People like Warhol, Picasso, Klimt, Shep Fairey, Fafi,
Audrey Kawasaki, Banksy, Alex Gray, Junko MIzuno, Stunt Kid, Galliano, David La Chapelle, and David Lynch are some of my most admired artists.

Q. Inspiration, where do you source yours from?
A. Inspiration comes from many sources, life itself and the people I meet is a start. Then I love going to book stores, libraries and the internet to find artists, design, fashion, music and anything that makes me go wow! Travel and collaborating with other artists is also a great way to gain inspiration for me.

Q. What's the one thing you've learnt along the way that you wish you were told when you started creating, selling and exhibiting your pieces?
A. Focus, don't believe the hype, be true to yourself, keep on keeping on, know that we all have our individual styles and voices and to not take things too seriously.

Q. You also facilitate workshops on street art, how did you get started in that?
A. It started in Adelaide, I helped start a weekly drawing group called "ex-a-sketch" where we would go to the pub, draw and then go and do some public art and live installations. We also made zines and did some cheekier works including making a boxwall with graff on it
that we left on the street for people to look at. People heard about our street creations and loved it, so they asked us to teach a stencil workshop and things grew from there. Over the years I have worked with teenagers, toddlers, the queer community and disadvantaged youth, it's so amazing to be able to share street art with people of many walks of life.
Q. What has been some of the biggest challenges in conducing these workshops?
A. Letting people find their own authentic styles, helping them believe in their skills especially if they have no prior art experience and in keeping the group interested and inspired. All in all the hardest part has been pre production for these workshops as most people who hire me don't know a great deal about street art so sometimes I have to educate them on costs, risks and in creating the foundation for an effective workshop.

Q. In reflection what are the things that make it all worth while?
A. Seeing the results, and how much people love getting creative and inspired is amazing. This is especially so with some of the disadvantaged or refugee kids. They love it, it's not often people get to spray paint, deep down everyone has a curiosity in it and I think it shows once participants have a can in their hands and the permission to express themselves. I also like educating people on the history, the present situation and future of street art. It's great showing people that street art is not just aerosol stuff, that u can use all sorts of mediums and techniques. Seeing the smiles and good times, makes it all worthwhile, especially if it's been inspiring enough for people to keep going with it after the course.

Q. Is there anything else exciting planned for the near future?
A.Currently I am in talks to develop a global urban art project that hasn't been attempted before. It's exciting times ahead and I have been given a little bit of grant money to research and develop it. Unfortunately I can't talk about it until a later stage due to confidentiality agreements.

In the near future I have some teaching planned too and looking for other exciting collaborations and projects. Finally I hope to go OS and reconnect with fellow artists around the world and plan some big events. All in all working on my website, painting, designing,
collaborating, consulting and working towards raising my profile as an artist.

Q. Where online can people go to check out more of your works and stay up to date with your going ons?
A. I'm working on my new site But people can now keep up to date with me on my addy is or best way to know what I'm really up to is on twitter that way I can let u know when I have show or when I'm updating my site.

Q. Snookie, just want to say thank you and I hope you've enjoyed answering these few questions?
A. Thank you my dear, it was my pleasure. I did enjoy the questions, I could write about street art until someone pries me off my laptop.

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