Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Interesting Or Not So Interesting With Rebecca Murphy

Q. Rebecca, love your work! Hence I would love to also interview you for 'interesting or not so interesting'. Are you up for it? Which category do you think you fall into - interesting or not so interesting? Reason being?
A. Why thank you! And I surely am. Is there a third option? Hermit-like perhaps, or mildly entertaining? No? I'll have to go with interesting then. Midget is disguise by day, somewhat sultry superhero by night, and paintbrush wielding ninja on weekends and public holidays, I love a good zombie flick, trying new things, and thrill rides. I can hand code html, change a tyre and a petrol filter, swear in a few different languages, fall convincingly off a surfboard, make
killer blueberry pancakes, tie a cherry stem into a knot with my tongue, kick your arse at computer games or chess, and laugh at myself (probably also at you). I play pool badly, my ballroom dancing is rusty, I'm hopeless when it comes to poker, I have no idea what to order at a bar, I'm terrible with names, and I frequently have paint, charcoal, or some other arty substance smudged somewhere on my person. Oh, and I have a tattoo. Guess where.

Q. What is it about the Sydney art scene you like most?
A. The people are awesome, and the diversity of talent is amazing. There's always something going on these days. It feels like things are just getting started and it's exciting!

Q. To date what has been your biggest challenge? How did you overcome it?
A. My cautious nature, which I overcome by throwing myself in the deep end every chance I get.

Q. When stuck for inspiration what do you do?
A. There's always something percolating away in my mind, it's just not always relevant to the piece I'm working on. When I get stuck, I take a step back from whatever I'm doing (figuratively speaking). Go for a walk, hang out with friends and family, listen to some awesome tunes, sketch away in one of my many sketchbooks, work on a different piece, or even get some much needed sleep.

Q. Goals? What are they and how do you plan to achieve them?
A. This year my goals are getting my first motorbike (a 90's virago), go diving with sharks, strut my stuff at a few art exhibitions (hopefully even overseas), learn new things, and be happy. Everything else is as it comes.

Q. What has been the oddest most weird reaction to your artwork?
A. A few years back I got interested in special effects makeup, specifically making wounds like gouges, grazes, cuts, bullet holes, that kind of thing. I took photos of each decent 'wound', and after illing up a roll of film asked a family member to take it in to get processed. When we went to pick up the photos the people at the store confessed their growing horror at seeing each photo come out of the machine. They thought I'd be horribly murdered, and these photos were evidence! They were just about to call the cops when the last photo on the roll popped out the machine, showing me wound free and quite happily alive.

Q. In reflection what are the things that make it all worth while?
A. It's all about doing what you love, what drives you and makes you happy. When I'm creating, I'm not thinking about other people, or expectations, or the sensible thing. This is my passion.

Q. What are your art related plans for the future?
A. I'm one of the organizers for this years smARTarts festival, which kicks off with the exhibition opening on the 25th of March. My work is appearing in this years edition of Lighthouse Wire Magazine, with one of my pieces (Dear Deer) as the cover art. And I have a group show coming up in May at 19Karen on the Gold Coast, which I'm quite excited about. Aside from that, I try and take things as they come. I'd love to put together a group show sometime in the future, and I've been doing some research in to that lately. I'd like to learn how to blow glass. Plan on offering prints of my work for sale some time this year. And to start experimenting with incorporating some of my other arty skills into my works, such as stained glass, embroidery, silversmithing, origami, and balloon sculpture.

Q. Where online can people go to see more of your work?
A. My website, or my blog,

Q. Thank you Rebecca and I hope you've enjoyed answering these few questions?
A. It's been a pleasure!

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