Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Hints + Tips - Saving Money

1. Coins!
Purchase things only with notes where possible and save all the coins in a jar, then every few months empty it out and deposit it all into your saving account. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you can get to $50. Over a 2 month period I can easily have up to $100 in the jar.

2. Put some aside
When your pay comes in try to save at least 5% but aim for 10% to be put aside into your savings. This can be hard sometimes but if you keep a routine after awhile you’ll hopefully not notice the difference. Start at maybe even 2% and over time build it up.

3. BYO
Make your own coffees/teas. When I was working in the city I use to have 3 coffees a day @ $3.20 each = $9.60 per day x 5 working days = $45 per week
Now I use instant coffee and tea bags at work now, my coffees may not taste as good as a great latte but they taste better than the worse lattes I’ve had. Why not jazz it up, with a nice mug/cup the represents you. Even use the money you’ve saved and get your self a little plunger.

4. Where does it go?
Have a look at where you money goes. Where can you make small changes? What can I save on by planning before hand? I realised that I was spending any between $25 - $60 per week on lunch now, I’m making a conscious effort to only buy my lunch once a week and bring my own in (usually left overs) on the other 4 days. I buy my canvases in one big trip generally I get a dicount, save time and reduce the amount of fuel I use.

5. Speak to your bank!
Most banks are happy to speak to you free about your financial goals. They maybe able to offer a product or service you didn’t know about that could be a useful tool for you. Also it’s a good way of doing a bit of a check up on your accounts and making sure your money is working hard for you.


  1. These are great saving tips Nicole! Thanks. Love the one about the coins. Haven't taken mine to the bank in ages! And Jimmy and I are not visiting Starbucks as we normally do. I'm just as happy making a latte tea or coffee at home now. That's a savings of like $5! So for 2 that's $10! That's food money.

  2. Your welcome Stacy! Maybe you could do a guest hints + tips on making jewelery, keen?





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