Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Hints + Tips - Keeping A Desk Clean and Tidy

1. Start from scratch
Remove everything from your desk and draws, with the odd exception such as your computer. Give it a good clean.

2. What do I use and when?
The things you use more often have a place for them closer to you and easier to get at. The things used less often have them further away from you. Such as keep a few pens on hand and all the extra pens in a box in a cupboard or draw.

3. Stop using scrap bits of paper
Use your computer or a notebook if need be. This means that everything is in one place and you don't end up with lots of little bits of paper everywhere that you need to find a home for. If you do need to keep bits of paper get a pin board so that way they have a home.
I use iCal for my to do's and calendar which I sync with my mobile and if there is anything I need on a post-it I use Stickies on my computer.

4. Paper work
I try to keep as much as possible on my computer, however we do not live in a paperless world and so I've an inbox tray which is the first step. Each piece is found a place. If it requires action it goes on my notice board if it is something that needs to be filed it goes into it right place. I go through the tray once every day, when I've a spare few moments, such as with my afternoon coffee.

5. Each day and week
Spend around 5 minutes at the end of each day tidying your workspace and once a week spend 10 - 5 minutes giving it a good clean by cleaning out your keyboard, wiping down your screen, wiping the phone ect.

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