Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Hints + Tips - Designing A Logo

1. What Type
What kind of logo do you want?
Logotype/Wordmark: company or brand name into a styled type
Combination Marks: text and a symbol/icon that signifies the brand
• Iconic/Symbolic: less direct than straight text, leaving room for broader interpretation

By knowing what you want, will help in the design process. Do some research see what style you think will what you want.

2. Image/Branding
Depending on what the logo will be representing will impact on colours, style and overall look. If you were creating a logo for a child care you would use bright and playful colours, using symbols that represent children eg. teddy bear however if you were designing one for a swimming pool something mainly blue and to do with water would be more appropriate.

3. Simple
Keep your design simple. You want to be able to use it across all possible mediums. Letter Heads, Business Cards, Websites, on a dark background as well as light. As well as keeping it regonaiseable at quick glance.

4. How?
I recommend using Illustrator or a similar program when designing your logo. Design it BIG so that if you ever need it for a large project you have a quality logo that will not distort. This is where illustrator is perfect as you can make it a vector image. Also making it easy to change colours too, when making one for a light background and one for a dark background.

5. Test it...
Ask friends and family what they think when they see the logo. If your designing it for a dog grooming company and they think your logo is for a fashion label then back to the drawing board. You shouldn't have to describe a logo it should speak for it self.

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