Thursday, February 5, 2009

No Comply in Sydney Update

Red Bull Gallery in Sydney has been completed, flight s have been booked for KR (Krink), Red Bull and Nice Produce have party plans at the ready and a date has been announced for the postponed No Comply Show in Sydney, Friday 20 March

Featuring: Acorn (Can) Al Stark (Aus) Andy Sargent (Aus) Artless (Japan) Bbot Defence (Aus) Beastman (Aus) Ben Brown (Aus) Ben Totty (Aus) Benzo And Monk (Aus) Bonsai (Aus) Cey Adams (U.S.A) Claudio M (Aus) Cope2 (U.S.A) Cycle (U.S.A) Dion (Brazil) Drew (Aus) Eamo (Aus) Enivo (Brazil) Ethics (Aus) Fse (Brazil) Filur (Brazil) Ghost Patrol (Aus) Glenno (Aus) Horoiwa (Brazil) Hugo Atkins (Aus) Imaone (Jap) Indie184 (U.S.A) Inoue Jun (Jap) Itch (Aus) Jae Copp (Aus) Jahan Loh (Taiwan) Jaz Loh (Singapore) Justin Williams (Aus) Kab101 (Aus) Kano (Aus) Keith Ciarmello (U.S.A) Kngee (U.S.A) Kiki Hitomi (U.K) Krink (U.S.A) Lesley Repettaux (U.S.A) Madsaki (Japan) M Schneider (Aus) Meggs (Aus) Mephisto Jones (New Zealand) Merry (Japan) Mhak (Japan) Miso (Aus) Mr. 44 (U.S.A) Nate Trapnell (Aus) Nails (Aus) Nior (Aus) Nurock (Aus) Oeil (Japan) Phibs (Aus) Phunk Studio (Singapore) Prakrti
(Brazil) Puzle (Aus) Radio (Aus) Reka (Aus) Retos (Brazil) Rone (Aus) Sean Kelly (Aus) S Peterson (U.S.A) Sheone (U.K) Sneaker Freaker (Aus) Steve Gourlay (Aus) Str (Japan) Suiko (Japan) Sutu (Aus) Sync (Aus) Tenga (Japan) The Yok (Aus) Two One (Aus) Will Murai (Brazil) Wonderlust (Aus)
" Sorry about the wait everyone, but when faced with the incomplete venue, we had two choices, either push it back a few weeks and loose the momentum that the massive Melbourne show had or take a few extra months to update the show with new artists and give it a life of its own. We went with the later. It's been allot of work, but it's worth it and I think you'll agree."- ­ No Comply
Having of gone along to the one in Melbourne I can personally say you'll not want to miss the one in Sydney, the works are just amazing!

Red Bull Gallery
Corner of Burke Road and Huntley Street, Alexandria
Opening Night - Friday 20 March 2009, 6pm-11pm
Exhibition - Friday 20 March to Friday 10 April 2009

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