Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Interesting Or Not So Interesting With Nickala of Acid Mousse

Q. Nickala, a little while ago you had a giveaway on my blog and now I would I love to interview you for my blog? As the title is 'Interesting or not so Interesting with...', it is only fitting I ask which category do you think you fall into? Why?
A. Hmm, interesting. So people read on.

Q. Your unique pieces of Jewelry are all created from things found in sheds, hangers, your mums sewing stash as well as your pops vast collection of tit bits. What has been one of the unique finds you've come across?
A. Millions of copper rings, that I haven't had time to create anything with. There are so many shades amongst them, and they all had a use once upon a time. They remind me of fish scales.

Q. What is it that draws you to wanting to use as much recycled bits and pieces as possible in your jewelery?
A. The uniqueness of the shapes and colours, the challenge of actually making a piece fit into a design, and the fact that they are mostly free. I also hate to see things wasted, so giving them a new purpose is great.

Q. In your hunt for objects, I'm sure you've seen piles of unwanted stuff. What is your perception on the amount and quality of things, we as people throw out?
A. I think that too many things are disposable, and if things were built and made with more care and using better quality materials it could change. some of the best quality pieces I have, furniture and clothing, have come from op shops and are at least 20 years old, and the comparisons of quality between then and now is huge.

Q. If you could design a piece for anyone who would it be, why? What would the piece look like?
A. I don't know about a single person.... for people who are earthy and natural.

Q. You juggle quite a few things school, work, carft and more, how is it that you stay organised?
A. Urgh, half the time I don't! I think that keeping things tidy is the key to organisation!

Q. As someone of generation Y, what do you think is the general thoughts of your peers on consumption? What is the one thing you think that would make them more aware of the effect of consumerism on the environment?
A. If they looked at every item of clothing they owned, and asked themselves how many times have I worn this, how many times will I wear it again, has it stretched, how much water/chemicals/greenhouse gases/land had to be cleared, used, and made just to make and transport a t-shirt that will be out of fashion or out of shape within a month, and then become landfill.

Q. Any new projects or events planed for the near future?
A. Well I just moved so I think I have to get over the excitment of that first! Then I think a revamp of my etsy store is in order. Plus mountain biking and rock climbing.

Q. What are the best sites for people to visit to find out more about you and about Acid Mouse?

Q. Thank you so v. much Nickala, hope you've enjoyed this short Q&A?
A. Yes! Thank you very much for the chance!

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