Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Interesting Or Not So Interesting With Seamstress/Designer Margeaux

Q. Margeaux, I would love to interview you for my blog? The title is 'Interesting or not so Interesting with...', and it is only fitting that I ask which category do you think you fall into? Also why you think so?
A. This is a toughie. Should I be self-depreciating or claim to be aware of my own interesting-ness? I the interview and you decide ;)

Q. What's is it that you love abut being a seamstress/designer?
A. I love that I get to be both a linear and creative thinker. I get to go crazy designing wonderful things, then sit down and cut out patterns, sew and press seams---all those little steps which aren't very creative but really help bring balance to my creative process.

Q. For the past seven years you've been creating garments for dolls and people, what have been the major changes in your designs throughout that time?
A. For the first 4 or so years of my sewing experience, my work did not change much. Then I started taking sewing classes and I opened my Etsy shop, and that put everything in warp drive. I've really become a much more professional seamstress as a result of my shop, and I think my products reflect my personal taste much more than they used to. When you spend a lot of time in your shop, looking at your products, photographing them, marketing them, it really makes you think about who they're for and how you want them to look.
Q. Your pieces have such a retro feel about them are there any particular designers or people from that era that inspire you pieces?
A. If I could live in any era, it would be either the 1950s or the 1960s. I wouldn't say there's a particular designer or person from those eras I'm inspired by, more by movies, books, sewing patterns, and magazines from that time.

Q. In making you own designs what has been one of the biggest things you've learnt?
A. Make a plan! Before you start a new project or creation, sit down and sketch out what you have in mind. Write out key words. Browse the internet, magazines, or books for inspiration, and try to develop a fully formulated picture of your item and it's purposes in your mind before you make it. In the end, you'll end up with a design/product that'll you'll like better (and you won't waste expensive materials).

Q. What are you thoughts on the current fashion trends of today?
A. Mixed. I really like what some designers are doing (Issac Mizrahi, Kate Spade, See by Chloe) but I'm not a fan of the overall shift of fashion towards unwearable, unattractive garments that seem to have no connection to 'people on the street'.

Q. Do you think that with the current recession that people will start to make and repair their own clothing? If so, where do think it is best for them to get advice on how to do so?
A. Possibly. I would hope that people start making clothing out of recycled materials (if you buy all your notions and fabric at a retail fabric store, it ends up costing more than ready-to-wear clothing). My suggestion for people who want to make their own clothes is to find clothes at a thrift store that you can make over. I do this a lot. As for repairing, I think that's definitely smart econmically. Buy a basic sewing book (or find an online tutorial), a needle and thread, and fix that rip or missing button!

Q. What's in store for your in the next 6 or so months?
A. I'm considering doing a spring product line. My modus operandi has been to make one-of-a-kind products, or only 2 or 3 of a product, but I want to try making a cohesive collection of 4-8 outfits/garments and making 5-10 of each piece/outfit. I also am planning on making more girls' costumes since my Rags Cinderella costume has proven popular. And definitely expect more Blythe fashions. I just got my doll, so I'm planning and prototyping a bunch of designs, and as soon as I'm through this stage I'll have a larger body of Blythe merchandise.

Q. What are the best sites for people to visit to find out more about you and about your designs?
1) My Etsy shop:
2) My Blog:
3) My Flickr Photostream:

Q. Thank you so v. much Margeaux, hope you've enjoyed this short Q&A?
A. Definitely! I enjoy reading interviews in blogs and magazines, so it's fun to be on the other end of the spectrum :)

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