Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Interesting Or Not So Interesting With Valerie Galloway

Born in France, lived in Hawaii, Maryland, Phoenix, Germany, California, New York and now in Tucson, Valerie is not just a beautiful photographer with endless knowledge but very well traveled and this shows in her works. With so many things to question her on I've gone with varied topics from working in a studio, mediums, the impact of digital cameras and of coarse if she is interesting or not.
Q. Valerie, I would love for you to be my next interviewee with interesting or not so interesting. Are you up for it? Which category do you think you fall into interesting or not so interesting? Reason?
A. I hope I fall into the interesting category! And let's not forget fun and fabulous!!

Q. You've been creating art for over 20 years, what do you think have been some of the biggest changes in relation to mediums that artists are using?
A. I'd say the biggest changes in art are digital related-more computer generated artwork, and many wonderful venues available for artists to show their work. I think computers allow more people the ability to define themselves as artists, it's not just about skill in painting and drawing.

Q. You were highly influenced by your time at the Center for Creative Photography, who are the main photographers that you feel have influenced you most?
A. Working at the CCP was a spectacular experience, being surrounded by some of the best photography in the world and meeting well known photographers was very special when I was a student, it made photography so much more real to me, not just images in books and magazines.It definitely solidified my love and passion for photography and also led to an internship at Magnum Photos, Paris, which was also wonderful!Some of my top favorite photographers are Man Ray, Brassai, Jan Saudek, Bill Brandt, Irving Penn, Richard Avedon, Robert Doisneau...really, I could go on and on.

Q. What as the major things you learnt whilst working as studio manager and producer for two different fashion photographersere in New York?
A. The two men I worked for were extremely talented in so many ways. I learned that it takes many people to produce a fashion photo shoot, and that organization is key. They make it look easy, but it's not! Hundreds of images were shot just to get a few key photographs. I also learned it's a wonderful career.
Q. What are the key personal strengths someone should have, when working in a fashion photography studio?
A. I think it's very important to be a team player and dedication is key. One must have a willingness to work long hours when necessary. Having a creative spirit and passion for fashion is also helpful.

Q. What's you favorite subject matter to photograph?
A. My most recent images are of cityscapes, especially Paris and New York. I love creating photo objects,mirrors and collages with my work. I also love doing artful nudes.

Q. In regards to the digital camera, what impact do you think it has had on photography?
A. I think digital cameras have made it easier for everyone to try their hand at photography, and photoshop makes so much possible. Personally, I prefer traditional b/w
photography and do most of my work in the darkroom. There's something magical about that.

Q. Anything new and exciting coming up for you in 2009? New projects?
A. I'm preparing to do a series of images of a very striking friend of mine using positive/negative film and my Konica Press camera. I hope to keep exhibiting my work locally and am looking into galleries in Paris and Germany. I also am planning a trip to Paris soon and look forward to creating new Parisian images.

Q. Where can people find out more about you and is there any websites you want to plug?
A. People can see my work and contact me at My work is also carried by the gorgeous shop Cog and Pearl in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

Q. Cheers Valerie for taking time to do this, have you enjoyed this short Q&A??
A. Thanks for the interview Nicole! It was tons 'o fun!

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