Friday, January 16, 2009

Save The Cash

I'm no finance adviser, millionaire or anything else highly money related. I'm just someone who works full time, paints and enjoys spending time with good friends.

Recently when talking the topic of money with some friends, they were delighted of my techniques of saving. So here a some I think are worth passing on:

• Purchase things only with notes where possible and save all the coins in a jar, then every few months empty it out and deposit it all into your saving account.

• Make your own coffees/teas. When I was working in the city I use to have 3 coffees a day @ $3.20 each = $9.60 per day x 5 working days = $45 per week
Now I use instant coffee and tea bags at work now, my coffees may not taste as good as a great latte but they taste better than the worse lattes I've had.
Why not jazz it up, with a nice mug/cup the represents you. Even use the money you've saved and get your self a little plunger.

• In the way of presents, I like to give something that is personal yet has a homemade touch. For Christmas I potted some cuttings from my herb garden and gave them to friends, in a cute recycled glass jar with a bright red ribbon around it. Simple and yet so appreciated. Every G&T drinker will appreciate some mint.

• I shop online a far bit as it saves me the time spent at the shops and allows me to shop around at other places for not only the best price but also the best priced postage. Some books I've bought have been up to $30 different in price. It does help to also know roughly what price you would be paying for in a shop to compare it to.

• When my pay comes in I try to save at least 5% but aim for 10% to be put aside into my savings. This can be hard sometimes but if you keep a routine after awhile you'll hopefully not notice the diffrence.

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